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May 16, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: vampires, crap
Recommended for: The slum of society

This is – literally – the worst (published) book I have ever read in my life. Every time I so much as think about this book, or this series in general, I suddenly have the urge to take a nine iron to an old lady, or set a kitten on fire or something else just as random and pointless that won’t actually solve my hatred towards this piece of crap but will help release some of my anger because Zoey is only a fictional character and I can’t actually kill her will a dull axe. *deep breath* It’s times like these where unpublished authors know they stand a chance: if shit like this cannot only be published but actually become incredibly popular, you know you could write a bestseller in a COMA.

There’s no need to mention the writing is atrocious; anybody who picks it up will tell you that. Every single character has a voice that’s like nails on a chalkboard. You know Janice, from “Friends”? Yeah, that’s the voice I give to Zoey. Totally fits, doesn’t it? Everything about this book screams juvenile, and I’m not talking about that preteen way which is fine, if this book is written for that age group, it’s just plain stupid. Sixteen year olds should be insulted by how they’re portrayed in this, and if they aren’t, and actually relate to these “characters”, they need to be terminated immediately. Everything about this is one big stereotype, from the gay people to the black people to the Southern girl, and funnily enough, Zoey thinks she’s better than all of them, and she’s too stupid to live. She thinks a normally constructed sentence is “amazing vocab”.

Every chapter, every paragraph, every sentence annoyed me. The showing, not telling. The unrealistic dialogue. Zoey. The fucking Twins. The shallow relationships (Zoey has best friends and a guy saying how he cares about her “from his heart” in ONE NIGHT?). Zoey. The religion. The vampires that are not vampires, but witches. Zoey. The “messages”. Everything. Zoey. Honestly, you’d think with two people writing this, there’s two brains involved, which should mean that at some point, there should have been at least ONE good example of writing: a piece of dialogue, some description, some semi-decent prose that didn’t have me wanting to kill the friend who leant this to me.

And can I just mention how much of a Harry Potter rip off this is? You’ve got the “protagonist” (haha) with a mark on her forehead, making her the Chosen One, and is sent off to some fancy boarding school for magical people like her. Because of this special mark, everyone knows instantly who she is, having a polarizing effect – some love her, others hate her. Then you’ve got the platinum blonde who’s rich and whines to her dad about how she’s not loved enough who becomes the “protagonist’s” archrival on the first day of school for no reason, other than jealousy of this newfound popularity someone else has. You’ve got the goofy, quirky sidekicks. You’ve got the “protagonist” suddenly being the favourite of the Headmistress and form a special relationship. There are all kinds of cool classes with the odd teachers. Please, this isn’t a Twilight rip off – just because it has vampires doesn’t make it a Twilight rip off. This is so Harry Potter I can’t believe nobody has mentioned it, except Harry Potter is – y’know – amazing. Stephenie Meyer is not as to J.K. Rowling as the Casts are not to Stephenie Meyer. Stephenie Meyer is Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters, Dickens, Tolstoy and anyone else you can think of compared to this garbage.

For a long time I judged people’s intelligence on a yard stick, the yard stick being whether or not you liked this book. Then I embarrassingly found out two of my very nice, smart friends actually like this, so huh, who knew. I’m still unwavering though – this is the worst, stupidest book ever written. I’m actually kind of embarrassed to have it on my bookshelf, because people will actually know I’ve read it. Just for the record, it was given to me, and I didn’t want to hurt my friend’s feelings. Not my fault I stumbled on this. In fact, she gave several more to me, and I actually stopped mid-book. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Stupid book. Stupid.
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Ellie That was awesome. Your review made me laugh, and I completely agree with everything in it. I totally didn't see it before but, YEAH! IT IS A HP RIP-OFF! And this is what makes Harry Freakin' Potter so wonderful. And Twilight, which I'm not fond of at all, is probably one of the best vampire novels I have ever read, compared to this and it's twin, Vampire Academy.

Jessica AMEN. Sing it, sister!

message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Nobody could have agreed more about the book because does not need anymore lovers because it is total garbage!

message 4: by Ella (new)

Ella My little cousin forced me to read this book a while back and I mean forced,YA books make me mourn for the future of humanity... I didn't get very far in at all, before I threw it back at her face...or wanted to...the worst part is Zoey is such a mary sue and the entire world of the text seems to have been invented to facilitate her, like her rainbow collective of offensive stereotypes exist solely so that she can have friends it would seem.May I recommend you find two new friends,

message 5: by Amira (new)

Amira Fletcher And here I had thought I had been the only person who noticed the Harry Potter similarities. Once or twice, I remember furrowing my eyebrows and bit and muttering beneath my breath, "These "Twins" remind me a lot of the Twins in Harry Potter. . . "

Carson I read this because I happen to love this book. I know you violently hate it but I'm embarrassed to have read the Twilight series and I don't see similarities to Harry Potter as Zoey doesn't have a Lord Voldy. I'm a fan of vampires because of Joss Whedon, who made it okay to laugh at bumpy foreheads. This is my favorite series that has vampires in it but it has more than that. I'm not trying to defend it to you but if you had made it to the third book of the series, you may have felt differently. Chosen is in my opinion, a story of betrayal that is well written and similar to Goblet of Fire in that it's not a world where there are no casualties and there's always a happy ending.

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