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The Dark Divine by Bree Despain
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The Dark Divine. . . . How clever of the author to think of a title like this.

While reading the jacketcover of my beat-up library book, I thought this sounded extremely interesting and would be very promising. But when I read the first few chapters I was like, "Ah, jeez. . . . This is going to be boring, cheesy, and just plain stupid."

The story begins with our lovely main character, Grace Divine, who is the town Pastor's daughter and goes to a Catholic school. Her family is described as, pretty much, perfect. The story gets into some mystery about Jude, Grace's brother. There was a huge past with an old friend of Grace and Jude's, Daniel. Years ago, something strange happened with Jude and Daniel leaving Jude coming home covered in blood but Jude doesn't talk about it. Then, one day, Daniel comes back and there are questions left unanswered. What is he doing here? Where has he been all these years? Why come back now?

This book was very good. Better than expected. I read a lot of reviews on it and a lot of people weren't so fond of it. The cheesyness is bumped up times ten. It was slightly annoying.

I felt that the writing style also annoying and the author just. . . . wasn't that good. Again, annoying would be the word.

Yet, somehow, I finished this book in a day? I just kept turning the pages and kept reading until it's you know, now, one o clock in the morning, writing a review because of my fear that I'm going to forget everything in the morning.

This happens all the time.

The story is a werewolf plotline with a new twist that I haven't heard of yet. It was a little cheesy but, I could go with it.

The Dark Divine is a book that I've found particularly hard to review about. I guess, my thoughts on this book, without the sugar would be: I was annoyed but I somehow loved it. This story shows how fast a "perfect family" can crumble while they continue to try to make their lives look flawless. The cheesy romance got on my nerves only towards the end and once I realized how much "love" played into the plotline, I disliked the book even more. Why is it that I rated this four stars, you ask? It's a good story. The author was good at telling it just the way she wanted to regardless if I thought her writing was bad.

You'll enjoy this book, I promise. Try and get passed the reviews that hate it. Give it a shot. . . .

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