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Twilight's Dawn by Anne Bishop
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May 16, 2011

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"Shades of Honor" annoyed me with its whole 'must make every villain super villainy even if it runs completely counter to their established character' stick. I mean really? Arrogant *does not equal* evil. It just equals arrogant. I had the same problem with Jared in "Shadow Queen/Shalador's Lady."

"Shades of Honor" and "High Lord's Daughter" also raise the question: Why do Queens need a full Court to rule a Territory, and Warlord Prices need only a second? Is it just me, or does it sound like she's making men out to be way more competent rulers?

I'm just going to pretend "High Lord's Daughter" is not canon. I have always like Surreal; I liked her as a whore, as an assassin, and as Daemon's second. In "High Lord's Daughter" Bishop utterly destroys her character. Really? Just meekly accepting his marriage proposal? Being the good little social wife? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ASSASSIN?!

And as for their daughter, Bishop better damn well do something big with Janelle Saetien. There was no need to bring back Witch, especially a Witch without a purpose.

I was really looking forward to what happened after Janelle died. Something needed to be done. I could have even seen Surreal and Daemon eventually getting together. But not like that. (And really? Daemon just sleeping with random people for the fun of it? COMPLETELY out of character.)

The other stories were lovely.
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