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April Morning by Howard Fast
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May 16, 2011

it was amazing
Read from May 16 to June 05, 2011

I think the book was really good. It got straight to the point. It wasn't a drag. Adam was a good boy who turned into a man after his father's death. I like the fact that he took care of his family after the fact that his dad died. I thought he was going to kill himself after seeing his father die in front of him but, the author fooled me. This book also helped me out with my american government class because of the time setting that it was in. I suggest people to read this book because its good and it teaches you something.

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Howard Fast
“A mountain still in the distance can appear as a molehill.”
Howard Fast, April Morning

Reading Progress

05/17/2011 page 14
7.0% "The boy grandmother seems like a christian."
05/17/2011 page 15
7.0% "Adam's dad seem strict."
05/18/2011 page 23
11.0% "Adam wants to join the army."
05/23/2011 page 64
31.0% "In the middle of the night Adam & his brother heard horses. Now, people are saying that the redcoat soliders are here now they might end up in a war with them."
05/23/2011 page 70
34.0% "Adam is out and about. They say Cousin Simmons is just a sell out. Adam gets in line while his dad is asking for names. He gets carried away and didn't realize he was the first in line until his dad says name. His dad doesn't recognize him until he asks for his name & looks up."
05/24/2011 page 75
36.0% "Adam's parents were agruing about Adam being a solider. His dad says he is a man now, and his mom says he is just a boy and that she doesn't want him to be a solider. His mom is a christian."
05/24/2011 page 85
41.0% "Adam's mother cries and it makes him cry."
05/25/2011 page 87
42.0% "His dad is the type of person who seems like they like to argue because he be biting heads off like it ain't nothing."
05/25/2011 page 89
43.0% "Someone tells Adam's dad that they were there."
05/25/2011 page 89
43.0% "They people that live in the village thinks that since Moses is upset thta he will shoot them."
05/26/2011 page 98
47.0% "They are face to face with the redcoat soliders."
05/26/2011 page 100
48.0% "The leader of the redcoats calls them out of they're names."
05/26/2011 page 101
49.0% "Adam is really scared. I figured he was going to be scared but, i think he will make it."
05/26/2011 page 103
50.0% "adam's father is dead."
05/26/2011 page 105
50.0% "his mother, brother, &grandmother knows adam's father is dead."
05/26/2011 page 107
51.0% "Levi is asking why hasn't anyone fired they're guns."
05/27/2011 page 119
57.0% "Adam jumps over a wall & meets a man named Solomon Chandler."
05/27/2011 page 120
58.0% "They see the redcoats soldiers coming up the road."
05/27/2011 page 121
58.0% "they talking about finding somewhere else to stay i think."
05/27/2011 page 126
61.0% "Adam is talking to Mr. Dover about what happened."
05/27/2011 page 134
64.0% "the reverend isnt dead."
05/28/2011 page 136
65.0% "Someone comes to deliver a message."
05/28/2011 page 139
67.0% "Solomon wants the neighbor to take the dog home."
05/29/2011 page 141
68.0% "Adam starts to panick again when he hears the shots & the horses."
05/29/2011 page 150
72.0% "This book gets straight to the point. They had fought the redcoats."
05/30/2011 page 159
76.0% "Almost done."
05/31/2011 page 166
80.0% "Adam doesn't want to fight anymore."
05/31/2011 page 166
80.0% "I think Adam is going to kill his self."
05/31/2011 page 168
81.0% "They asked what happened to Adam and he replied saying he fell asleep."
05/31/2011 page 169
81.0% "They are going to leave."
05/31/2011 page 170
82.0% "Levi and Adam reunite."
05/31/2011 page 171
82.0% "Adam & his family reunite."
06/01/2011 page 175
84.0% "They are getting his father'r funeral set up."
06/01/2011 page 177
85.0% "Adam and Levi talk about how they don't like Mrs.Cartwright."
06/01/2011 page 183
88.0% "Adam is at the funeral."
06/04/2011 page 197
95.0% "Adam is in love with Ruth and he wants to stay with her."
06/05/2011 page 200
96.0% "Ruth seen Adam's dad and started to cry."
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