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Hotel of Love by Dorothy Starr
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This book is on my "WTF?" list.
What the hell was that??
Everybody just have sex with anyone, barely knowing their names.
That would be okay, IF I could have felt any kind of chemistry between the... couples? No, is more like sex buddies.

I won't talk about the plot, because I can't really see one.

There's BDSM (if that can be considered BDSM. I bet Pauline Reage is turning in her grave right now.)
F/F love. Careful girls. If you stay at Hotel Aphrodisia, you may became lesbian, LOL.
Femdom/Maledom. Fetish... And a urban legend of a aphrodisiac water. LOL

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message 1: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life I hate when books have a deceptively good cover or description and turn out to be total hog wash in between the pages. I've come across one like this called Submissive and it was the most asinine crap I have ever read that is "supposed" to be sexy. Just sucked so much ass. Submissive by Anya Howard < That is it actually. Avoid at all cost I warn anybody.

Dyllan, The Brazuca Ekaterina I hate when that happens. This book was beyond the frustration point. The only reason I finished it, is because it was part of a Challenge. Worst Erotica wannabe EVER!

And I'll stay VERY away of this one you mentioned. Thanks a lot :D

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