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Uncommon Grounds by Sandra Balzo
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May 15, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in May, 2011

Latte’s can be lethal!

Welcome to Uncommon Grounds, come on thru sit a spell or just walk by and take a smell. Come on in check out the menu, at Uncommon Grounds we’re new its true but don’t worry because we’ve got something just for you!

On Opening day of Uncommon Grounds, instead of serving up coffee, they were served with Murder! Patricia Harper, one of the trio of owners is DEAD found laying on the floor seemingly electrocuted while making her favorite latte!

How could this happen, the machine brand new and each partner fully trained on its usage. So what or who is behind this caffeinated tragedy? Let’s take a look

Caron Egan, Maggy Thorsen, and Patricia Harper are equal partners of Uncommon Grounds. Patricia and Caron are both married, and seemingly financially stable, but Maggy is dealing with divorce. Who would want to hurt any part of this trio?

Patricia has thrown her hat into the political arena, she’s decided to run against the undefeated Mayor? Could someone from the oppositions camp be behind her demise?
Or could it have been Maggy’s ex, and the death of Patricia was an accident and meant for her? Or maybe it was the secret affair of two of the partners, and one found out they were dealing with the same man?

Maggy has decided to search uncommon grounds, to find who or what is behind the death of her friend and business partner!
Will this put her life in danger? Does she need to watch her remaining partner? Or will it turn out to be more than she bargained for?

Uncommon Grounds is a blast, infusing murder with a bit of comedy brewed into a steaming cup of mystery. I really enjoy this title, and so will you. So pour yourself a cup of joe and let this story unfold, you’ll find it keeping you awake and feeing for more. I look forward to reading any title by this author.

Melody Vernor-Bartel
Reader’s Paradise


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