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Forgotten by Cat Patrick
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May 15, 2011

did not like it
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Read in May, 2011 — I own a copy

Forgotten is a story of girl who has no recollection of her past whatsoever but for some reason of her future. It's clear though from the get - go that knowing the future and not recalling the past has taken its toll on her. For one, she has to make notes every day before she goes to bed to remind herself when she wakes up of what she has to do that very day. The problem with this is that the London who wakes up that very morning may have the notes to remind herself to bring; a chemistry book, wear certain clothes and remind herself who she just had a tiff with the day before, but that hardly contributes to letting her know who she really is. Her personality must be completely on and off some days which is why I'm surprised no one else ever noticed.

Thankfully her best friend Jamie and her mother know of her condition so they are always there to keep her to date if she need be. There's a lot that comes with knowing the future too. Sometimes it's best to not know, to leave things behind but with London she doesn't have that choice. She knows how her life goes, sure, but the problem is she knows how everyone else's goes too which she has dealt with up until she realises Jamie's is going downhill sometime soon. Regarding this I felt like she could have tried harder. In my opinion she gave up on her way too easily when she should have just told her the truth, it could have saved a lot of drama and pain.

Then there's Luke, the new boy in town who instantly brightens up every time he sees her leaving her contemplating if she should know him somehow. He's nice, sweet, charming and together they make a cute couple, but that's it really -- I didn't see this big connection between them, I didn't feel like they were in a serious relationship and in "love” but just really liked each other.

When Luke arrives things only get more complicated as it soon becomes clear that he may know more than he lets on. With Luke lying to her and Jamie avoiding her she feels completely lost and hurt. It's becoming harder to decide who she can and cannot trust. Further more in due time she finds that her own mother may not be all that trustworthy either.

With a promising premise I was pretty much sold right away and although a let down I'm glad that I followed through and read it. So, let’s break it down.

Regardless of my thoughts on how she handled the whole Jamie thing she does really value her friendship and care for her. It was good to see how the author focused on their relationship and the ups and downs they went through.

At times she took the higher road instead of getting mixed up with mess -- for example; the page situation.

Her heart for the most part was in the right place which lead me to realise that I liked London.
She thinks things through. When she's with Luke she knows what she wants and how "far" she’s willing to go. It’s nice to see a MC who actually thinks before she acts.

Despite not meeting my expectations I can't say it wasn't an enjoyable read because it was. I read it during my break at college and was practically glued to the book; engaging it is.

The ending felt rushed. Throughout the whole book you are anticipating the very moment everything is explained and then when it comes together? You have the overall conclusion only everything in between is missing.

I felt like their relationship could have been more developed. Sure we know they are connected somehow and that they are attracted to each other, but that's the case in any YA book nowadays; I wanted something more from this book, something not so predictable like the new boy in town. The book had a great enough premise where it could have really done without all that.

London had the tendency to not do herself any favours when she purposely left out vital information which puzzled me.

With a more well thought out plot and characters this book had the potential to be amazing
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