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No Souvenirs by K.A. Mitchell
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To say I absolutely LOVED this book just doesn't say enough as to how major awesome this book was, especially after the epic FAIL of the last book I read featuring an Asian male character. I am now adding Kim and Shane to my slowly growing pantheon of favorite couples.

No Souvenirs is M/M romance done RIGHT! The characters are men, not thinly-disguised stereotyped females. The characters have flaws, but they are also humorous at times. There is real emotion and chemistry between them. I especially loved the arrogant Jae Sun Kim; he's dry, droll and highly dominant. There's just nothing sexier than a dominant Asian male who somehow manages to make medical terminology hotter than just saying "fuck me". And what can I say about long, tall, redheaded (oh yes!) Texan Shane (aka Scuba Cowboy)? In spite of having an idiot for a governor, if there are guys like him running around that state, I'd be inclined to live there, LOL!

This isn't a fluffy love story. Both men have deep scars--in the case of Kim, one of his is covered with a Queensryche tattoo (yes! another reason for me to absolutely LOVE this book since I am a die-hard Ryche fan!)--they're also both alpha and their path to love isn't an easy one, especially for Kim, whose highly traditional and religious Koream parents would never accept their gay son so he's still in the closet to them. I hope there's a sequel where Kim finally does come out. And the sex between these two alphas is off the freaking CHAIN!!! But don't let the fact that Shane lets Kim top him at every turn fool you into thinking he's a sub. There's a feeling he's just as dominant, but also comfortable with letting another man take the reins (though at first he's a little uncertain at first). Normally I love it when both men switch, but in this case, having Kim as the main dominant was quite novel and it actually makes sense, considering his personality.

I have a brand new author to love! K.A. Mitchell rocks!
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The UHQ Nasanta I really liked this one! It's really made me look at Asian guys differently. :D

TheFountainPenDiva I have always loved Asian men and think that everyone else should too, LOL. It's awesome to see more books that feature them in romantic roles. I get so tired of the geek/nerd/smart/kung-fu stereotypes, you know? I've got a bookshelf that I'm filling with Asian heroes.

The UHQ Nasanta I can understand that although I only know them from TV series and films. I have not read many books with Asian characters as a protagonist.

The UHQ Nasanta I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D

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