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Reunion by Meg Cabot
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May 15, 2011

really liked it
Read from May 15 to 16, 2011

Suze is preparing for her best friend from New York named Gina to visit for spring break. However, having fun and providing entertainment for her best friend is the least of her worry since there are four avenging ghosts out to kill one of her classmates and the guy who is currently asking her out on a date, Michael. Now, Suze is out to save Michael while keeping her friend and family oblivious how she spends her night fighting the four ghosts.

Exciting story!! Full of action. I very much liked the part where Suze was starting to get a confession out of him. She was really brave and cunning. But I have to say that most of the time I spent it feeling a kind of hate towards her best friend Gina. Because although she came out to visit Suze but most of the time she spends it flirting with her brothers. She although makes Suze happy and gets along with her other friends. So basically, I am torn between hating her and liking her but when she kinds of flirt with every guy that she sees I am ultimately resolved to hating her. I don't know why I kind of hate her maybe it is because reading the story means being inside Suze's head therefore making me feel whatever it is that she is feeling. And I understand her perspective I mean like what I said she came out to visit her instead she is flirting with her step brothers. Furthermore, she seems to be oblivious to this fact. Nevertheless, I liked the story very much. I also started to see concern from her brother. As the story continues I can tell that the characters are growing up. And the feelings between Suze and Jesse are getting stronger.

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Reading Progress

05/15/2011 page 50
16.0% "Seeing four ghosts in a store."
05/15/2011 page 75
25.0% "Gina is really something."
05/15/2011 page 90
30.0% "What is up with Gina?is she there to visit Suze or flirt!"
05/16/2011 page 100
33.0% "Gina has every boy drooling over her yet i still want to be Suze; the girl is brave gotta hand it to her."
05/16/2011 page 175
58.0% "Michael had an accident but he doesn't look the part."
05/16/2011 page 185
61.0% "Suze is really brave she just save Michael from a falling decoration. How I wish Jesse is alive."
05/16/2011 page 200
66.0% "Gosh! Mike was a little bitter even though he should be remorseful not that he did something wrong. But I did expect him to be bitter at all."
05/16/2011 page 260
86.0% "Gosh I am starting to get irritated with Gina! urgggghhh! flirt much"
05/16/2011 page 265
87.0% "Flirt much! I hate Gina! Suze figured it out. And she's out for revenge or justice maybe?"
05/16/2011 page 285
94.0% "Suze you're in danger!"
05/16/2011 page 304
100.0% "Done!!"

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