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Web of Lies by Jennifer Estep
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Jul 19, 2012

really liked it
Read from July 14 to 18, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed this second installment in the Elemental Assassin series. I know it probably seems a little strange to admire a character whose chosen profession is assassin. But, Gin Blanco, while seemingly cold-blooded and ruthless, never kills anyone unless they really, really deserve it and are bad to the core. She also possesses very human emotions that counteract the darker qualities needed to kill someone.

As for Donovan Caine, I just can't warm up to him very much. He is just too stubborn and morally righteous, seeing everything in terms of black and white. While I respect high morals and the wish to avoid becoming corrupted and jaded, he is just too goody-goody for me. I find myself very lukewarm toward the relationship he and Gin share and just can't bring myself to root for them.

Owen Grayson, now...that's a different story! Mmm. He seems to accept Gin completely for what she is--silverstone knives, past kills, warts and all. I say, go for it, Gin! I guess we'll see how that relationship develops in the future.

It was nice to learn a little more about Gin's past and the murder of her family, although there is still quite a bit of mystery surrounding it. The strengthening of Gin's Ice and Stone powers was pretty awesome, too.

Once again, though, I have to point out a few issues I had with this book. Namely, repetitiveness. Ms. Estep continues to overuse certain phrases and descriptions, such as eye colour. Nearly every time she talked about Donovan, she referred to his golden eyes and soapy scent. Another example was the phrase "Bria, my baby sister", which she used frequently. It just got to be a bit tedious after awhile.

This is a series which I will definitely continue reading. Gin is a great heroine and I'm anxious to see what she encounters next in her search for the truth about her past and family.

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