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Can't Stand the Heat by Louisa Edwards
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May 14, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** miranda-critic for restraunts
adam temple-chef of a restraunt,also the owner
claire-maranda's editor
jess-miranda's brother
frankie-sous-chef of restraunt
grant-assistant at restraunt, also person who controls staffs/staff jobs
rob-an dishwasher,later gets fired by adam
milo- person incharge of soup dishes


miranda never expected to be challened by a chef to observe him in his kitchen for a whole day. miranda was so excited because it was her chance to finally be able to observe a restraunt and write a book about her experience in the kitchen with the chef.
adam temple never expected the hot and sexy critic miranda to accept his challenge to observe him in his kitchen.he didnt want any damn critic to ruin his business, especially a stubborn, hot critic like mirande.adam was going to take back his challenge and get her out of his life the next day when she was suppose to observe his kitchen when his boss told him not to decline because having miranda at the restraunt will start to go around to everyone else and they would gain more publicity.his boss also calls miranda later on and tells her she can spend a whole month instead of a day.
so when miranda comes the next day adam introduced her to everyone, and i love how frankie flirts with miranda and all that.everyone is hardworking from what miranda can tell and also that the food that adam let her try so far was more than excellent.
grant interviewed jess since jess wanted a waiter job at the restraunt, and grant accepted jess to work as a waiter. jess was so happy when he got the job that he couldnt keep the smile off his when grant showed him around in the kitchen, jess's gaze landed on a male..lean, muscular, the type of guy that jess likes(this is when i found out that jess was gay!).
uh-oh..was adams thought when frankie took one look at jess. from adam and frankie's experiences together and working together for a while, adam knew that frankie's type of guy that frankie likes to date are guys like jess.
adam was happy with everything until he found out later on that miranda was not just writing about his restraunt in the magazines, but she is also making her own frickin book about his restraunt...if she wants to play, he'll play, but it an't ganna be pretty.
adams rule to everyone, including miranda, is that when your in his kitchen, you disagreements or complains, and no notebooks/notepads to write things on(that rule was to miranda).
Rob told miranda spills of crap and all that about the restraunt so that she can write/add it to her book.
Adam found out that miranda cant cook later on, and adam plans on teaching miranda to cook.
jess can't stop thinking about the irrestistable frankie.word has it in the kitchen that frankie has his eye on a new person at the restraunt( its jess btw but he doesnt know...yet), of course, from what jess heard from each person in the kitchen, is that frankie slept with each and every one of them at least one time in their lives.

I couldnt continue this book because it started to get borring for me but i do know that in the end adam and miranda are happy together as for frankie and jess and the restraunt is an sucess.this book was alright but idontknow, it just started to bore i said in some other books, i guess i just like books where someone new came into town and the main character finds love with that book, like kristin higgins books, especially"too good to be true", that one was funny(: but this book is alright too ^^

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