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Then Everything Changed by Jeff Greenfield
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May 14, 2011

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Read from May 14 to June 05, 2011

The subtitle to "Then Everything Changed", "Stunning Alternate Histories" is disproven by the extremely knowledgeable Jeff Greenfield. Through
Greenfield's participation and insider knowledge of people, events, and the way that politics work, the three alternate histories are shown to be not all that stunning.

The alternate paths that history could have taken were quite enlightening. I learned a lot about the thinking, writings, and actions of key political figures. Their "alternative" actions seem to be very plausible in the worlds the Greenfield spins. It makes the reader wonder about other decisions or actions that could have (or will) change the future.

Living during the covered timeframes provided me with personal background - but it was NOTHING compared to the details the Greenfield brought to bear. In fact, there were so many details, especially having to do with election strategies, delegate counts, and party election rules, that the broader alternate stories often were lost.

The book is a must-read for political junkies. It is a good read for those interested in recent history. But it would be quite a slog through names, dates, and complex strategies for anyone else.

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