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God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens
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May 14, 2011

it was amazing
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This was a book I have always needed to read, I finished it in time for that most recent display of Christian idiocy by Harold Camping et al. Yet another lot relying on a cobbled together mass of almost incoherent oral tradition and manipulation of material for political purposes that some people naively refer to as the word of God, to predict for the nth time the nd of days. Well that might come, but it will be at the behest of human greed and human disregard for the facts of the earth's ecological balance rather than any divine judgemnet. Hitchens is a very knowlegable man, clearly he has studied the major texts of at least the 3 monotheisic traditions, those traditions that are based on fear and punishment; the 3 thatr have been largely responsible for the greater majority of einous acts carried out by one lot of humans upon another.

He ably disects the core teachigs of all demonstrating with clinical precision why most of what they put forth as teaching always sonded to me like absolute nonsense. More the shame me that I didn't have the commitment to pursue a study to justify my feelings. Well Hitchins has done it for me and recorded his observations in a very clear and dare I say (givn the subject matter) entertaining way.

This book should be prescribed reading for anyone professing to be practising Christian, Muslim or Jew. Not that many would be prepared to read it since their practice essentially relies on blind faith, emphasis on the blind part.It has always been my experience that as they proffer dire warning about the fate of my soul or as they proffer pity for my lack of understanding of what is on offer, they always seem to revert to the mystical as justification for their position, their reliance on what they know to be the absolute truth. they of course condemn the bulk of the world's population, the non believers in their particular brand of hocus pocus to the fires of eternal damnation, the justifiable wrth of a God who must and should be feared.

In this absurdity rests their piety. I always knew that there was a sustantative argument as to why I always felt that way and could never see anything of worth in what was offered as my way to redmption. Hitchins has given me that argument.

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