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Jun 05, 2007

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bookshelves: 18th-century, french-fiction
Read in February, 2005

This definitely my candidate for best novel of the 18th century. Not, admittedly, a hard post to fill, since most 18th century literature makes me come out in hives. A lot of the writing can get rather florid by times (I find it hard to believe that anyone ever wrote out the exclamation 'Ah!' in regular conversation), but Laclos' deft approach to psychological analysis, and the complexity with which he sketched his characters means that it's still relevant after more than two hundred years. Valmont and the Marquise are just so deliciously sinful, it's wonderful; even if the ending does punish them for their 'sins', let's face it: this isn't a novel where anyone has a happy ending.

Danceny is still annoying even when he's not being played by Keanu Reeves, though.
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Writerlibrarian Just read your review. Yes, not the best Keanu Reeves' role. In his defence, they gave him is shoes on the day he started. *tongue in cheek here* Danceny is annoying in any form. But Madame de Tourvelle is very very good in any form.

Kenny Yeah, 18th century novels sucked. Gullivers Travels, Robinson Crusoe, Tom Jones, Dream of the Red Chamber, Tristram Shandy, and Sorrows of Young Werther? Pfft! Where are all the sparkling vampires and dementors? What is this crap!

Siria How much more pointed your comment would be, Kenny, if I'd ever a) read the Twilight novels or b) referred to all 18th century literature. You'll note that I said most. Improve your reading comprehension and don't willfully be a dick, or it'll get you banned.

Kenny 1. I'm agreeing with you, chill out.

2. You said Dangerous Liaisons was "my candidate for best novel of the 18th century. Not, admittedly, a hard post to fill..." I agree, because the books I mentioned would probably be the ones on the short list for "best novel of the 18th century," and I could write a better novel than those in my sleep.

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