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Daimon by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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May 13, 2011

it was amazing
Read in May, 2011

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Review: After reading so much about Half-Blood and "patiently" waiting for it to be released (September, WHY do you have to be so far away??), we were all graced with Daimon, which is the prequel to Half-Blood. I knew Daimon was going to be a free eBook, but I chose to buy it for my Nook. I definitely was not disappointed!

We are introduce to Alexandria "Alex" Andros, a half-blood. A half-blood is the child of a god and a mortal; they are very valuable because unlike pure-bloods, they can see daimons in their true form. For years Alex and her mom lived at the Covenant, with Alex training to one day fight the daimons. One day, however, her mom insists that they must run away and never come back. Alex has no idea why, but she trusts that her mom knows what is best for both of them.

Alex certainly doesn't fit in well in the mortal world. She tries her best to fit in and act normal, but when you're a trained fighter and know of the true evil in the world, you view everything differently. I felt for her, because she desperately wants to return to the Covenant to continue her training and be with people who understand her. And to have no idea why you can never return to your friends would be tough to bear; obviously she can't talk to her mortal friends about her previous life. So basically she has to keep everything bottled up inside, and besides her mom she has no one to confide in. Her mom seemed like a very loving, caring person and I'm sure she had a very good reason for leading them away from that life - and I'm DYING to know why!

Daimon was a great novella, plenty of action and humor throughout. It was like buying a full novel and reading the first few chapters then having it abruptly cut off. You turn the page thinking there must be more, PLEASE let there be more! But alas, we have to wait until September to buy Half-Blood to see what happens. I know some people don't like cliffhangers (and this one's a doozy, trust me), but it only adds to the suspense and makes you want to read Half-Blood that much more. Even if you aren't sure if you'll like it or not, what do you have to lose? It's FREE! Or if you're like me, support the author and buy the eBook ($0.99) or the paperback ($3.99). See above under the picture for the links. I promise, you won't be disappointed, so go check it out now!!

My rating: 5/5 stars

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