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The Gates by John Connolly
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May 13, 2011

really liked it
Read in May, 2011

If I had only two words to describe this book they would be fun and sarcastic.
I got it for Christmas and had been reading it in short bursts since. The story follows Samuel and his dog as they try to figure out what to do after a portal to hell is opened up down the street. Of course, no one believes children, and the scientist responsible are too busy either playing battle ship or being fascinated or trying to cover their tracks to realize what precisely has happened. Though Samuel is touted as the main character, I would say there is more a main cast of characters. The scientists, demons, police force, and church folk seem to get as much page time as Samuel, and while they don't all necessarily prove important in the end, they do add humorous outlooks on the otherwise quite tragic situation. This would be a good book to read in October, around the holiday it takes place on. The snarky and informative footnotes were a refreshing addition to the story line. Ultimately though, with perhaps the exception of a chase scene in the a garden, I never really felt that Samuel or the world was truly in danger. The demons seem pretty easily defeated despite their evilness, and all the demons aren't even demonic. In fact, one becomes pivotal in the "save the world" plan. The ending was a little underwhelming, perhaps everything seemed too easy? Which makes me more want to give this a 3 or 3.5 stars. Ultimately though, it was a good light read and I recommend it for a good, intelligent based chuckle.

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