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Bananaz by Dee Dawning
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May 13, 2011

did not like it
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Recommended for: Anyone who want to laugh about a ridiculous book.
Read on May 13, 2011

Is this book for real??
I mean this MUST be a joke, riiiiight??
That's SO ridiculous that my eyes are watering from laughing SO MUCH!!!!
This is more a half star, because I don't want not to rate.

Sooo this guy shows up at his house after work, to find his girlfriend, and her friends trying to deepthroat a banana... Why? (Isn't like she didn't had a boyfriend to test her skills.)

To prove she did knew it how to do it, one of her friends dares her to do it, in her boyfriend with all of them watching... He accepts, with the condition of everybody getting naked too.

Everybody just jump in bed together, to see if she -the girlfriend- can deepthroat him. Again... Why?

Soon the deepthroat show off, becomes a orgy with a guy, and 4 girls.
I have to say he's very, but very talented to pleasure 4 girls at the same time, and still be able to come. (All that and he have only one cock. Niiice boy *grin*)

When the noise in the bedroom gets too loud, the police is called by the neighbors , and a couple of officers shows up at the apartment, and testifying all that... abundance, they just think, oh, what the hell? This is a one in a million chance. Let's do it. And they jump in the bed too!

I was reading and thinking WTF dude? Why?
One of the most water-on-eyes scene, is the guy fisting, (oh yes, I said Fisting) a girl, using no lube AT ALL. But My God, this has to be a reeeeeal moist-gushing place, eh? ;)

I lost the number of how many people were on that bed.
This was a completely joke.
With this title I was expecting something funny, not that... sorry excuse of orgy.

That was me at the end of this... Let's just fool ourselves and say this is a book.
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message 1: by Carolina (new)

Carolina I am laughing so much at your review I don't think I need any more laughs from the pseudo-book XD
It sounds VERY ridiculous indeed!! LMAO!

message 2: by Katherine (last edited May 14, 2011 01:13AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Katherine Oh sista. Steve-O has nothing against this pretty little book.
And all that fuckery, and wasn't mentioned ONE SINGLE CONDOM. In actually they liked to feel each other juices on the guys cocks. STD Please??

message 3: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life Oh my lord, lol. I can't believe someone let a book that bad be published, lmao. I swear it sounds like one of those cheap sex stories I've read about online. And I have to agree drying fisting and no condoms mentioned?(which I usually look over in the stories I read as fictional leeway as the characters are some kind of otherwordly beasty that can't get the chick preggars, or she chick can't get preggars do to it not being that time of the season or whatever, or they both are so otherworldly enhanced they can't get dieases). However when it is just humans in a book then yea you would expect some protection happening some place in there. My goodness whoever this author's publisher is they must have been desperate to let this thing go through.

Katherine Look, if were just the couple having sex with no protection, that would be okay with me.
But let's count, okay.
Friend #1,
Friend #2,
Friend #3
Female cop.

You are quintupling your chance of getting a disease. Also, you can make 5 babies at the same time. LOL!!

It's literally everybody fucking everybody.
I don't know if this is supposed to be funny... But is just gross to me.

message 5: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life Yep bad porno material right there.

Katherine Believe me. There's better porn ;)

message 7: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life Oh I know. Seen quite a bit of it me thinks. :P

Katherine LOL. So did I ;)

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