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Silver Moon by Rebecca A. Rogers
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May 13, 2011

did not like it
Read in May, 2011

I usually don't write reviews...but I was so annoyed by this I had to. I don't think any of this is really spoiler-ish, forgive me if it is. It's more of a rant now that I've finished the book.

Good idea. Horrible execution. The wording and vocabulary seemed very poor, I don't know what reading level this book is supposed to be targeting, but I can't help but feel that I would think the same even if I was a fourth grader. There was an overall lack of description, build up of tension, and overall sense of being anti-climatic. Sentences were short and uninteresting, example:
'He lunges at me and I somehow leap out of the way.' ...Somehow? I can think of at least half a dozen better, far more appealing ways this could have been stated. Another, 'The injured werewolf staggers off into the woods somewhere.' She couldn't just say he staggered off into the woods and out of sight? Had to be 'somewhere'? >.>

The main character comes off a quite the rude, bitchy teen...I generally found her quite unlikable. There were many instances of things that should have been obvious to her that just went over her head seemingly only because the author didn't want her to catch on till later, which just gave the impression that Candra was, to put bluntly, on the idiot side of things.

The general feel of this was a very poorly done Twilight meets Romeo & Juliet with werewolves.
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TheLoupGaroux I agree with this entirely. This was like bad fanfiction, I don't understand how it was published.

message 2: by Ailish (new)

Ailish Ní Great review completely summed up what a load of shite this book was. How it got published in the first place is beyond me.

message 3: by Helena (new)

Helena Huynh This review is so funny ! :D
Anyways, I just started reading the book but by the sounds of it, I won't be continuing.

message 4: by Kairi (new)

Kairi Thanks for the read I now know I won't read this book first, because I hate when the pov character is annoying or stupid or whatever second I don't want to a book that has poor vocabulary i mean the description was good but I think she focus more the description than book by what you are telling me do thanks again

Alycia I couldn't agree with you more. I always finish the books that I read, and I just couldn't make myself do it for this book. I MADE myself read half-way and I'm kicking myself for doing that. I couldn't stand the main character, the writing annoyed me more than anything and then the story didn't even go anywhere. I can't even say it was a good book for the price. I've read better books that were actually priced lower than this one.

Cat *living for the One who breaths life into me* i completly agree with you and everyone who commented before me.
why this book was published is beyond me. but i think because on the kindle it was like a dollar, if i remember right, tells me it was selfpublished-which i understand. if i were a publishing company i would say send it back and erase everything BUT the idea.

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Lauraandfrogger Ugh, I do agree. It's rather unfortunate, the first few pages were so promising. All in all.... ditto. I would add, though, that the book was inconsistent, both in quality and in the storyline, throughout and it really really bothered me.

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