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Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
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May 13, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** As much as this book affected me in some ways, I couldn't give this book a higher rating due to:

1. The relationship between John & Savannah - too fast paced, with small rift can cause tonnes of issues that escalated more than intended. Letters to John were simplistic enough, and it wasn't the core of the story. I would prefer more letters written, exchanging the love between the lovers.

2. John's time in army was painted too simple, there's nothing than can make me associate how army actually is. The author should have done more research.

3. Savannah - how can she simply let John go even though she loves him?

But, there are plus points in the novel, what I love most is the fact where the story started off with John describing his childhood memories, but the one thing that struck me most is the relationship between him & his father. I actually pitied John's father from the start, when John rebelled against him but he kept his silent, when he was trying to fit in, but then when John started started to scold him for his father's obsession on coins, his father tried his best to make John happy by putting away their only picture together (John grinning from ear to ear holding minted coins), or the fact his father raised John single handedly.

When Savannah told the possibility of John's father suffering Asperger's Syndrome, it made him angry, but then John mended his relationship with his father. Then, he understood why his father keeps silent, and conversation would be one sided or the obsession with coins, or the fact that his father follows certain protocol without fail. That part teared me up. I imagined how hard it must be for his father to raise him up as a single father, and then trying his best to fit in and cope with John's demands. The final years of his father was pro-founding & had me crying. It was wonderfully written on how John trying to mend his relationship with father, or the fact how he had taken his father for granted all these while.

The book could have a happier ending, I mean that's what fictions are right? But then, maybe Sparks try his best to put a more realistic approach, that the lover won;t be united in the end.

If you want a tear jerker, this is it. I stayed up late trying to finish this book, and that ends me giving a 3.5 to this book
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message 1: by Meimei (new)

Meimei Camui Aku berencana akan membaca buku ini.
Penasaran dengan cerita dan endingnya. dan setelah membaca spoiler ini...Hmm.....kok jadi males ya. hehe,

pantesan tmn aku sampai teriak "Hello.....Itu bukunya sparks!"

Cik Aini Bolehlah..Enak lagi membaca A Walk to Remember

message 3: by Sara (new) - added it

Sara Khan I want to read this book but Hw?:/

Cik Aini I borrowed this from my friend. You can download the e-book from

message 5: by Sara (new) - added it

Sara Khan Okay! Thankyouu..

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