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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
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Dec 08, 11

Read from December 02 to 09, 2011

I might review this later if I can stop being so incoherent in my irritation and, yes, my anger at it. It gets two stars because it did start to get a little interesting around page 300 or so. I'm sure I don't have to point out that it should not have taken that long.

I probably won't set foot anywhere near the other two books, although I may watch the movies someday just to find out what happens. Maybe.

How is this a bestseller again?
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Reading Progress

12/02/2011 "Finally getting around to reading this, since everyone else and their mums have done already. The page number, though. The page number!"
12/02/2011 page 21
4.0% "Blah blah corporations. I know, I'm 20 pages in, and it's not that I mind overmuch, just - slow."
12/02/2011 page 52
10.0% "Okay, Lisbeth Salander has made this more interesting."
12/04/2011 page 81
15.0% ""Reluctantly he had to admit that the old man's story was intriguing." Really? REALLY? I'm so fucking bored right now I could cry."
12/04/2011 page 92
17.0% "The contents of Blomkvist's financial reporting book had better become really fucking important later on or I think I will scream."
12/04/2011 page 104
20.0% "I just guessed the ending. Google tells me I'm right. Now I have nothing to look forward to except more financial journalism. Great."
12/06/2011 page 189
35.0% "These people drink more coffee than I do, which is saying something. How do they not pee more?"
12/06/2011 page 227
43.0% "Why does she have to take off her jeans to get a tattoo on her ankle...?"
12/06/2011 page 248
47.0% "So apparently going to prison in Sweden is like staying in a motel, and if you've been on TV all the inmates will be your BFFs. And naturally they wouldn't dare try to steal or vandalise the expensive laptop you were kindly allowed to keep in your cell. Perish the thought."
12/07/2011 page 341
64.0% "The Bell Jar was due back at the library yesterday. I could be reading that right now. But nooo. Stupid me, look what you've done!"
12/07/2011 page 358
67.0% "I cannot handle the stupid. I just cannot. Bed time before I'm forced to throw this book at the wall."
12/07/2011 page 368
69.0% ""It was as if she had a premonition of some approaching disaster." Not content to simply be boring, this book now aspires to be lame as well."
12/07/2011 page 405
76.0% ""...something for that slut Lindgren to take care of tomorrow." Wow, Lisbeth. Wow."
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