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The Bourne Supremacy by Robert Ludlum
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And the legend is back.

In this Bourne instalment the chameleon Jason returns to the spy/assassin game when his wife, Canadian economist, Marie, is kidnapped by a Chinese taipan who means serious business. Jason moves heaven and earth to get her back, which means leaving his gentle alter-ego, David, behind and embracing the killer he tried so hard to forget, Delta, in the hunt for his successor.

The new Jason Bourne is out there and only the original can catch him.

Behind the scenes Havilland and the US government work with MI-6 to move their chess pieces around China in their attempts to stop the Kuomintang from implementing a war between Taiwan (the True China) and the mainland. Meanwhile Alexander Conklin and Mo Panov do everything they can to help the wily Marie who escapes her captor’s clutches.

The entire book is a race against the clock and a test of ultimate endurance. Although this Bourne instalment was a bit repetitive at first, echoing many of the ideas from The Bourne Identity, it was so action packed and intriguing by the end that I forgave it. I was biting my nails through the last half because I really didn't know what to expect. I was seriously worried about the outcome for all of the characters involved, mainly David and Marie.

Ultimately this is another book that explores the ideas of ends justifying means and whether one life is fair to trade for the lives of millions. Havilland seems to think he knows the answer, but then again he's an evil, evil, manipulative monster. I have to say, the book was far better than the movie (nope, not shocking at all, and I love the movies) and it's completely different as well. The title actually makes sense here whereas the movie leaves me scratching my head in that regard.

All in all this was a really great read full of great cultural references concerning the Orient.
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