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The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
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From now on whenever anyone says "why waste time re reading a book?" I'll have this handy reference. This is why. Because the person who clicked open _Lies Of Locke Lamora_ in 2011 was coming straight from a full reread of Martin, Rothfuss and Brett. She was saturated with other speculative worlds and stories. This book, with its time-bending narrative and backstreets setup just didn't sit well. After my standard 60 page trial I shrugged a goodbye and moved on to other things.

Three years later, three years older, four hundred books down the line, freezing winter instead of balmy summer...the person who read this book is different. The book is the same, but the reader changes. And she changes her mind.

This is an excellent book. I now rank it up there with those few (_Name Of The Wind_, Blood Song_) that I consider better than 5 stars.

In my earlier review I can see how I was fooled by the time-bending into thinking there was no character growth. I can see how I was too saturated with other epics to bring an unjaundiced eye to the proceedings.

And THAT is why you reread a book. Because YOU are different and the book will have something different to say to the new person you have become.

1st Review: 2011

After slogging through the first part, Ive decided this book is not for me. I understand why others like it so well; it's sort of a fantastical version of a heist movie. And for me that was the problem, as the book has no more character depth than a ninety-minute caper film. In a book this large that is an unpardonable detail to overlook. Since i didnt care about the characters I was only marginally interested in their shenanigans.
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Scott Lynch
“My name’s Jean Tannen, and I’m the ambush.”
Scott Lynch, The Lies of Locke Lamora

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10.0% "I am not sure if I'm still liking this book. It's got potential but the way the author has structured the narrative leaves me without enough information to feel like i KNOW the characters enough to care about them. Am toying with dropping this one."
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message 1: by Johne (new)

Johne While I liked Locke and friends, I felt it could have benefited from a sharp, hard edit. (But I admit to a preference for the shorter, faster moving stories they wrote when I first read SF/F. (Incidentally, I've mentioned before that Roger Zelazny's faster, more lyrical style of writing spoiled Tolkien's The Hobbit for me - I simply couldn't wait for him to GET WITH THE STORY ALREADY. I got as far as Smaug sleeping on his treasure and gave up.)

Katy I also decided to read Lies of Locke Lamora because Patrick Rothfuss recommended it. At first, I found the book hard to get into. However, once I got past the first hundred pages or so, it was definitely worth the read. Have you read the sequels, and would you recommend them?

Kate I love, love, love your updated review. Not only do I agree with you, but I applaud your willingness to not only try again, but embracing your growth.

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