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Blonde with a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson
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May 10, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: romance
Read in April, 2012

A typical man, a witchy woman, and a mistake. The makings of a hilarious story.

Anica has a rule to never get involved with a man before telling him that she's a witch. But when she meets Jasper as doesn't care about her little rule...but when they get into an argument Anica looses her temper and breaks a major rule: never use magic against a human.

Jasper thought Anica was the perfect woman, until a tiny lie becomes revealed and he learns Anica's little secret...she's a witch. How does he learn this? Well, Anica turns him into a cat, and can't undo the spell.

Anica's powers are stripped and it's up to Jasper to break the spell, but it's harder than he thought when all he can think about is the woman who got him into this situation. Although she's the reason that he's in this situation, Jasper finds himself drawn to her.

This is such a great and interesting story. A man who is caught in a lie, which he doesn't see as a big deal, is forced to rethink everything he has done and to see life from a whole new perspective. I liked that aspect of the story.

However, I didn't like how when Jasper was in human form all he could think of, mostly, was getting into bed with Anica. In fact, rather than try and figure out ways to stay in human form the two of them were more interested in falling into bed together. I will say that I liked how Jasper and Anica interacted while he was a cat. It was funny watching him try to adjust and her try and remember that he's also a man.

I also liked Anica's sister, Lily, because she is such an opposite of Anica and there was a lot about her that just seemed fun and energetic.

I will also say that I loved the solution to breaking the spell. I won't go into detail, but it was great and sweet. I loved it.

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