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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
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Feb 29, 2008

bookshelves: ew-high-school-english
Read in January, 2003

remember that last semester of english class, senior year, where every class seemed painfully long and excrutiatingly pointless? when everybody sat around secretly thinking of cute and witty things to put in other people's yearbooks? when the teachers realized we were already braindead from filling out three dozen student loan applications and college housing forms? that's when honors english started getting a little lazy.

not that i minded. everybody got a book list. then everybody got split up into groups. you were responsible for reading all the books on your own, but one in particular was chosen for your group to present at the end of the semester. you know--- as a refresher for the rest of the class. because of course EVERYONE was gonna read EVERY book.

i can't remember what i did instead of reading "brave new world", but it was probably fun and involved copious amounts of sweet tea and a gigantic paper mache cow. fortunately it didn't matter because the only group to take their presentation seriously was the "brave new world" group, and the way they presented stuck with me long enough to compel me to read the book later.

maybe it was the weird music they had playing during their presentation, maybe it was the fact that super hot chris mayns had to sit in my group (the alphas) but i was seriously attracted to the world this group created in our classroom. we drew cards randomly to determine our class, then sat accordingly and wore cute little colored wristbands. everybody got pez (soma!) and *gasp* a birth control belt. throughout the presentation people were moved next to someone and lost a packet on their belt (listen, this is scandalous for a bible belt high school, ok? by the way, i did NOT get to sit next to chris, which is probably good because i would have been mortified and choked on a pez)

anyway, the presentation was fun, but i didn't get around to reading my (now ex) boyfriends copy until a year ago. and i started getting a small, evil thought exactly the same as i had in class so many years ago... maybe some people would actually like this system. maybe some people would actually BENEFIT from this system. people don't have to think? they aren't expected to do much, go to college, become something bigger than what they actually are? they're rewarded with good feeling drugs? they are proud to have accomplished what they have? and they... DON'T HAVE TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES!?

I know i'm going to get slammed for saying this later, especially because i never do actual reviews or completely delve into what i'm thinking (so shoot me) but haven't you ever been roaming the world wide inter-web and found a little troller you thought "well, this person is a poor use of a human brain?" yes, you have. admit it.

just think, a little test tube tweaking and that person wouldn't mind manning the cash register at piggly wiggly for the rest of his life, saving the rest of humanity from noxious online rants about the hotness of avril lavinge and the brilliance of starcraft (apparently its a video game thats KOOLER THAN U!!!!1#)

you're tempted, i can tell...

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message 1: by Patti (new)

Patti i never told you, erin sager, but you are my hero. and sometimes when i haven't slept enough and have a headache on a saturday morning, your reviews make me smile. yayyy.

message 2: by Jason (new)

Jason Brave New World? They wrote a whole book based on that song from Aladdin? That seems odd.

message 3: by Chelsey (last edited Mar 20, 2008 10:36PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Chelsey I assume you are attempting wit, but just in case, I thought I'd help..the song was Whole New World

oh, and to the original poster..that's so cool! what an original idea! :)

message 4: by Patti (new)

Patti awww jason's been dissed. i find you amusing, never fear!

message 5: by Mel (new)

Mel What if that perma-cashier just happened to end up I don't think you thought that theory through. Sure, there are people out there that don't like to think but if that system was in place, do you really think they would spare the people who do like to think? It's about total control. Total includes you.

Erin Loved your review, mostly because I read that book in senior year as well, and it was creepy the conclusions that our class came to about the idea of "total control." A lot of what you said mirrored what I thought when I read it back then.

Douglas Two things might have helped this be a better review. First, write about the book and not about yourself. Second, use capitol letters at the beginning of sentences--it simplifies eye movements.

message 8: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin dear douglas, two things might have helped this be a better comment. first, get off your high horse, this is a social networking site about books. i'll write what I want. (and you'll read it, i noted) second, try formatting your comment in a 12 verse sonnet-- it speeds comprehension and promotes brain growth in small mammals.

hey mel, good point. i thought about that, seriously. the thing is, if i was a perma cashier, i'd be bred to be a perma cashier! so i'd be psyched! more soma! bring it on! you know? the point of the book is that those people are completely happy no matter what level they, are, they've been brainwashed. that's the point... anyway, your thoughts?

thanks to everyone who reviewed. esp. des, because that was hilarious. jason, don't worry about it, there's an insane amount of estrogen on this site...

message 9: by Guilbep (new)

Guilbep Bravo!! "with french accent" nice shot Erin.
By the way, do you know the "brave new world revisited" by huxley himself?
I'd just read this one (at school, idem), but now I read your review, I think I'm gonna buy it soon as I can.
It's about the author's vision, and it seems very .. yeah, "bizarre".
see you!

Douglas Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your comments a few hours ago. As I write this response I am gliding in my limo north on the Hutchinson Parkway to my vast estate secreted in the glens and dales of upstate New York. I’m listening to Bach’s Air on a G String, smoking a fine cigar and sipping a fine ruby port. I am in a state of complete serenity. I’ve just asked my driver to replay the Bach to give me a few more minutes for my reply. (Ah, thank you Gerard.)

Yes, I must admit to being a perfect bibliosnob. I apologize for intruding on your FUN. Just as a rose has thorns I suppose it must be that Good Reads has boorish people like me. You must understand that we idle rich cannot help but have our noses in the air. The only reason I read books like Brave New World is to be able to show off my intellectual superiority. I’m sure there’s a class of psychology majors (most of whom have written book reports on Brave New World) out there who will someday seize me, lay their electrodes on my temples and cure me this obnoxious malady. In the meantime, I hope that you will vouchsafe me the generosity and mercy of your kind heart.

Your Most Obedient, Humble & Afflicted Servant,


message 11: by Kyky (new)

Kyky Jesus, you take things way too seriously. I don't think anyone here even cares that you are rich.

message 12: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin Hahahaha.... Omg. Amazing. Douglas..... You are my hero.

message 13: by Dave (last edited Mar 10, 2009 07:55PM) (new)

Dave Hey! Starcraft is kick ass; don't be a hater.

Oh, and by the way, that was a very nice statement on the book =D

message 14: by Morgan (new) - added it

Morgan Haha, I loved your review. Very witty. Definitely convinced me to read it.

message 15: by Jesse (new)

Jesse Grubbs Okay that Douglas guy is probably a liar and is living in his own little world in his mothers basement in rural kansas or something. This man has to much time on his hands to criticize people like that.

message 16: by Daniel (new)

Daniel I kept reading, hoping the book review would come. But it didn't.


message 17: by Eva (new)

Eva Leger i just stumbled upon this and just wanted to say, to erin, that she has, hands down, the best retort i've ever seen here on gr.
i've decided to use all lower case in honor of douglas above. :D

Tilly I'm awake at almost 3am on a Friday morning, I'm in a pretty 'woe is me' state and am surely being annoying by moaning on a website! but I'v just read this review and it's comments and had a proper grin on my face for at least 10 minutes. Like that kind of grin you get just before you burst out laughing.
So thank you for your entertaining review and its sarcasm, (What an underrated form of humour) and this witty banter is making me smile!

message 19: by Mystique (new) - added it

Mystique Daniel wrote: "I kept reading, hoping the book review would come. But it didn't.


I'm with you.'s her own personal experience with the book. I guess there are plenty of other reviews for the book. If we want to know about the book itself, we can read the jacket, or any of the other reviews.

I kind of like the idea of knowing each person's personal experience with a book and I've certainly bee guilty of writing more about my personal experience than about the actual book itself.

message 20: by Eva (new)

Eva Leger They're not kidding Caris. They're serious. The whole 'reading between the lines' thing is so over-rated anyway. ;-)

message 21: by Oui (new) - rated it 5 stars

Oui Win review. Can you explain further on how they presented this book? Pretty please?

Vladimir Stamenov "well, this person is a poor use of a human brain?" yes, you have. admit it

Yes I admit it. Thank God I found you Erin. :)

message 23: by Rita (new) - added it

Rita I haven't yet read this book, but it is definitely on my to-read list. The way you describe it sounds like a description of the world of today, where many people, unfortunately, behave like mindless automatons, blindly guided by the rules of society or whichever faith they believe in. Thanks for you review!

Alyssa I'm bored out of mind and this review and comments have improved that problem a great deal. also I can think of no higher recommendation then that a book created a fond memory and helped the person look at the world in a new way. which is what the review was all about, so I though it was great and perfectly convincing. :)

message 25: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer nice review.

message 26: by Aman (new) - added it

Aman Singh First of all, Starcraft is the best RTS game ever made. Second of all, everything else you said is very reasonable. I might agree with you.

message 27: by Courtney (new) - added it

Courtney This thread of responses cracks me up. That is all.

Gretchen Erin,
I love your review, it is very fun and interesting. Also, you win the comeback of the year award for your reply to Douglas.

I couldn't stop laughing, bro.

message 29: by Cherene (new) - added it

Cherene Bad grammar is usually due to laziness, not stupidity. The upside is that a lot of pretentious people end up assuming you're intelligence. I can deal with you're forgotten capitalized letters, Erin. It is nice to find wit and humor without the need for perfection. However, if your reviews start including "ur," "plz," or "dawg," I am afraid I will find other avenues of entertainment. Although, I haven't heard anyone use "dawg" except comedic men playing gangster's in the 90's.

message 30: by Cherene (new) - added it

Cherene Ugh, I meant "your." Please, don't judge.

Melanie Erin, I enjoyed reading your review. Im reading this book right now (currently on page 87) because I teach a nine weeks on dystopian fiction in my AP class (1984 and The Handmaid's Tale, etc.) and Im debating adding some new material.
Oh, and I really like your description of that group's presentation; it's given me some ideas :)

Janice erin: liked your review/commentary and the presentation idea...

Douglas: capitAl (letter) = upper-case letter; capitOl = building in which a legislature meets

all: amusing thread of comments lol

review: started off interesting but the concluding "monologue" had my eyes glazing over... or possibly it was being on a cross-country flight home from Baltimore to California... but would still recommend it to be read as a "classic."

message 33: by Sam (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sam Ashcroft One of the best reviews I've ever read!

message 34: by Justin (new)

Justin I found myself skipping through the review because it was hard to read. (Maybe the grammar and punctuation) Not to say that you don't have good things to say. (You probably do). Just honest criticism. If you do write a book review, it is okay to talk about yourself, but it is also okay to talk about the book.

message 35: by Büşra (new)

Büşra Asan Okumaya geç kaldığım bir ütopya. George Orwel'in 1984 ünden sonra beni etkilemiş bir kitaptı .Çok fazla okurken hayır dünya bu hale hiç bir zaman gelmez dediğim aynı zamanda acaba mı diye düşündüğüm bir kitap olmuştur. İyi bir ütopya olarak sınıflandırılan bu kitabu bititirirken umarım hiç bir zaman bu hale gelmez diye düşündüğüm kitap olmuştur.

Melanie I can only hope Erin and Douglas met, matched wits in person, fell in love, and are now happily married.

Karleen And had a baby called Lenina?

I also enjoyed your review Erin, which I found far superior to the book itself.

message 38: by Coolgod361 (new)

Coolgod361 lol

message 39: by Coolgod361 (new)

Coolgod361 /=hacks+x50

Thomas Lai I'm tempted to agree with you

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