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Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth
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May 10, 2011

really liked it
Read in May, 2011

I am thinking that in the past when I said, “I’m not really a vampire person” – I may have to drink my words. This book was fabulous and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes action, adventure, and/or presidential history.

Christopher Farnsworth came across a small newspaper article in a 1867 paper. It mentioned that President Jackson had pardoned a whaler who had been found after a shipwreck and he had consumed his fellow sailors to survive. In the real story more than likely the pardoned whaler had given up the sea and become a farmer somewhere and lived with his nightmares for the rest of his life and died. However, Mr. Farnsworth decided that this event made a great story. What if that whaler was a vampire and what would a President do with a pardoned vampire, what couldn’t he do?

Nathaniel Cade is that 20 year old whaler – more than 160 years later. He has always had a “handler” who is his day man and the assistant gets him into and out of places and makes phone calls. The handler, usually a high grade FBI or CIA agent in a prior life, is sworn to secrecy in this ultimate agent kind of life style. Nathaniel Cade’s current handler has been working in this position for 40+ years and is dying of cancer so he needs to train a replacement.

Enter Zach Barrows, an ambitious White House staffer who was found in a compromising situation with the president’s daughter in the Lincoln Bedroom. He is quite indignant at first for being selected for this role for it wasn’t part of his very ambitious life plan. He is a college educated individual who had done everything ‘right’ (well except for one youthful indiscretion that turns out quite useful half way through the book) and leading a top secret life that he can’t talk about is not in the scheme. However by the end of the book he proves himself able and decides to stick with the job.

Part thriller / part cinematic adventure story – this book is a great joy ride into the dark of night and I am on the reserve list for the next Farnsworth novel. A new dark dynamic duo.

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