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Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0 by Randolph Lalonde
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May 12, 2011

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Read from May 02 to 12, 2011

This is an OK book. (Well, technically it's an omnibus edition of three books, but whatever.) The price is right (Origins is a whole zero dollars in the Kindle Store) and it manages to be a nice bit of fun escapism despite the fact that it's pure, 100%, explosion-filled Gary Stu fantasy.

You can actually ignore the Gary-Stu-ness of the book for the most part, though the places where it dumps realism in favor of the fantasy can occasionally be jarring if it's been a while since we've been reminded of the fact that the main character is ruggedly handsome hot shit who can flagrantly ignore rules and mission directives whenever he feels like it.

Really, the only place where the narrative completely falls apart is at the very end, where Our Hero needs to get himself mind-whammied in a hurry in order to set up the Dark and Gritty (TM) next act. While some elements of the ending were decently foreshadowed, it pretty much comes straight out of nowhere. Origins could have used a bit longer in the editing process for plot and flow there in the last bit.

Still, not a bad piece of pure sugary brain-candy, and it's waaaaaay cheaper than my other brainless reading pleasures.
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Br1cht Finally!!! Someone who had the exact reaction as me, while there are some nice flow to the writing(sometimes)
But what about plot and complete disregard for reality. Good rewieving, Kitty!:)

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