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White Cat by Holly Black
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May 09, 2011

it was amazing
Read in May, 2011


Books like this are difficult to come by. A lovable antihero, a mixed-up family who might at times hate each other, but will protect each other no matter what... I think Holly Black just became one of my most favorite authors.

White Cat, though sometimes rather dull and bland, was a refreshing change from most books being released today. The names in the book had a different spelling (a compelling factor in many novels of the present)--Cassel, Barron, Daneca. And their characters did not disappoint their names--like how the name of something should tell you a lot about its character, and the fact that those above three characters really weren't normal was a nice change from characters with interesting names and horrible, uninspiring people.

Sorry for probably not sounding very lucid right now--my thoughts are going too fast for me to write everything down which I want to write down, and this review just doesn't say what I want it to.

I think... that White Cat can (though not necessarily *will*) introduce another type of YA fiction that... probably won't disappoint. Amazing, in-your-face cover; an author who did true research into her character, making Cassel really sound like he knew what he was talking about with cons. Even if you didn't precisely enjoy the first book of Curse Workers, I think we must all agree that it is a great achievement for fictional literature.

(Hey, does anyone know the title of book 3 and when it'll come out?)
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Quotes Morgan Liked

Holly Black
“We are, largely, who we remember ourselves to be. That's why habits are so hard to break. If we know ourselves to be liars, we expect not to tell the truth. If we think of ourselves as honest, we try harder.”
Holly Black, White Cat

Holly Black
“The easiest lies to tell are the ones you want to be true.”
Holly Black, White Cat

Holly Black
“She says that what you did was a cry for help."

"It was," I say. "That's why I was yelling 'Heeeelp!' I don't really go in for subtlety.”
Holly Black, White Cat

Holly Black
“Once someone's hurt you, it's harder to relax around them, harder to think of them as safe to love. But it doesn't stop you from wanting them.”
Holly Black, White Cat

Holly Black
“I have no memory of climbing the stairs up to the roof. I don't even know how to get where I am, which is a problem since I'm going to have to get down, ideally in a way that doesn't involve dying.”
Holly Black, White Cat

Holly Black
“I can't trust the people I care about not to hurt me. And I'm not sure I can trust myself not to hurt them, either.”
Holly Black, White Cat

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Cassandra Black Heart and the expected publication date is April 5th 2012. Just started the first one and i'm loving it so far:)

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