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The Great Night by Chris Adrian
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May 18, 11

This book is literally a clusterfuck; as in, people and faeries are clustered together. Fucking. They are also masturbating, having sex with trees, spying on people masturbating, and spying on people masturbating on trees.

Well, I see that you're kerflummoxed as to why I gave this book a lowly three stars. Truthfully, I was thinking two until the tree sex scene.

So anyway, what is going on in this beautiful disaster of a mind f-ing? A bunch of heartbroken, lonely ass people stumble into Buena Vista Park in San Francisco...some of them are doing a homeless person remake of Soylent Green, others are getting drunk off faerie wine, and others are...running around having more sex with Titania who's mourning the loss of...crap, who cares.

I'm going to go see if anyone in the bum park outside my apartment is remaking Soylent Green or having sex with a tree. I suggest you do something similar instead of reading this book.
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message 1: by Jake (new)

Jake Best review ever.

Alissa Reading this book was worth it just to write the review.

message 3: by Todd (new)

Todd Admittedly, I'm more than a bit intrigued....

Alissa I've read worse things. It's certainly intriguing. :)

Cassie You've summed up my thoughts almost exactly.

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