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Heartache Falls by Emily March
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May 09, 11

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Heartache Falls is the 3rd in the Eternity Springs series and the weakest for me. I didn't really enjoy it much and I felt like bashing the heads of these two people. Mac and Allie have been married for 22 years, happily when some sudden changes in their life take place, Mac becomes a federal judge and their youngest child leaves for college, this keep Allie at loose ends who had devoted her life to her kids and now she feels restless and regrets that she never thought of what her life would be once her kids were gone.

So she leaves her husband since they have been making each other miserable. Honestly, this book was not an easy read, these two profess to love each other but kept on fighting and giving their work precedence. I get it that people change and so did Allie, but Mac could not reconcile himself with these changes a. Suddenly after 22 years of marriage his wife is changing and asking that he arrange his life around her as she has done for him all these years, difficult even more so as they refuse to have an adult conversation without walking out. The separation was way too long for me, they are living separate lives Mac with his job and getting a dog and Allie in Eternity Springs. Way too much time as given on showing the healing powers of ES. Allie refuses to let them stay in contact, I mean either she wanted to make the marriage work or she didn't, not trying to talk was lame. And Mac belittled the things Allie did way too much, whenever she tried to tell him something he thought oh, her flair for drama yet again, yes in the end he does listen but he was really dense.

Mac, he too was a piece of work, he didn't try to back down at all and didn't see Allie's point of view, the only reason he goes to ES is to get laid, yup, since he figures he doesn't want to break his marriage vows to do that since it makes him feel ashamed, he needs to go to his wife for that. Their issues are still not solved then even though they decide to give themselves time, their lives are going in different direction and since Allie too is now working, time is a problem.

Honestly, Allie was way too obsessed with her commitments in ES. I get it she said she will do something, on the other hand she also said she wants to save her marriage but can't seem to find the time for counseling.

In the end it is Celeste who opens Mac's eyes and tell him to think about what he wants for his future, when he decides what he wants Allie is like no, no. Honestly, these two got on my nerves. Though finally in the end they started behaving like mature 40 year old's and made their HEA believable.

It was just less romance and more community thing and I for one NEED more romance when I am supposed to be reading a romance book. Best go in with less expectations.

Still, waiting for the next ES book in April 2012.
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Nancy Anderson I thought I would react like this but I was totally sold on both their points of view and found his actions totally believable.
EM sucked me in for this whole wonderful tale!

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