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Supernaturally by Kiersten White
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Feb 04, 2012

really liked it
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Read from January 28 to February 03, 2012

I have to admit, about a fourth of the way into this book, I was pretty ticked and I stayed that way until about the 7/8 mark, right near the very end. Evie was doing all the things that "stupid" teens do: Lying to the people who care most about her, putting way too much emphasis on the things that don't really matter, and ignoring all obvious signs of danger and foreboding. OK. Maybe "regular" teens don't get to deal with the danger/foreboding thing all that much, but they do a little, and they general handle it all wrong, and Evie does the same.

I got so annoyed about the middle portion of this book that I thought my love for YA fiction had finally waned (*gasp* ShockAndAwe! I know.) A love triangle developed where I didn't think there a) needed to be one or b) one made any sense. Too many coincidences were happening, and being written off as genuine coincidences. Too much teenager-y ditziness, if I'm being completely honest.

But then.

Oh, Kiersten White, she's a crafty one.

She managed to fix it ALL!

I know, crazy, right?

Oh, Evie is still kind of an idiot kid, don't get me wrong. But White at least fixed everything from a story telling/narrative standpoint. The paranormal world that White has cooked up is fun, fast paced and fascinating. She's got a sense of humor that manages to be both wittily sharp and enthusiastically silly, and I pretty much love it.

I love how White managed to create a moral dilemma for our main character without it feeling cheesy or overworked. Evie isn't just trying to save herself from physical danger, or from heartbreak, she's fighting to understand who she is and what kind of person she wants to be, an element missing from so much YA these days. She has looked at the world in a black/white sort of way, and now she's wallowing in shades of gray, and has to determine where on the spectrum it's okay to be, and where she's going to sit as a result of that assessment.

It's a good book. Trust me. You just need to make it all the way to the end.

Oh, and, incidentally, best Acknowledgements ever.

Sex 2/5: A boy barges into a girls' locker room, with girls in various states of undress, and the girls don't bother to cover up, but instead flirt and try to show off their "good side." #Teens A boy and girl kiss a bunch. Teen girls dress in slutty costumes for Halloween.

Violence 2/5: A lot of near-misses and intimidation and scary moments. A vampire describes some of his previous attacks. Another vampire discusses how she was changed and her first kill as a vampire, but does so in a pretty detached/clinical type of way. Some fist fight/hand to hand combat stuff.

Language 1/5: Evie uses "bleep" as a substitute for every swear word throughout the story. One other character swears once.

Substance Abuses 2/5: One fairy is addicted to an earthly substance, like an alcoholic. Teens get drunk at a party and make stupid decisions.

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