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Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
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Sep 12, 11

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Read from September 08 to 11, 2011

I follow Kiersten White on Twitter, and I can just tell by the way she talks and jokes that she and I could be best friends. You know, if she would follow me back or something.


That's my way of saying she's really funny and tends to be a bit on the awkward side, just as I do.

I had very high expectations for Paranormalcy, expectations that rose higher and higher every day that I waited for it from my library.

I was not disappointed.

This book is equal parts funny, romantic, sad, thrilling and mysterious. That's a tough combo to pull off well, especially with believable teenaged characters in the lead. White manages it, though.

The characters are adorable and instantly relatable. White uses some unconventional, but completely understandable, methods of conveying personality quickly and accurately. Within a page or two, I know exactly who I am dealing with, but the characters are not cliches. Hi, a foul-mouthed mermaid, anyone? Yeah. They're that cool.

The story is complex without being confusing. By the end, we still don't have ALL the answers, but we have enough to feel complete.

The "Disappearing Parent Syndrome" that is so prevailing in YA fiction doesn't exist here. Yes, the teens get a fair amount of freedom, but there are believable (within the context of the story) reasons for that freedom. It's not a result of parents simply ignoring what is happening right under their noses, which is all to frequent in YA fiction, and, frankly, gets under my skin.

This is the first in a series, the second is already out, and the movie rights have already been sold. So you know I'll be blogging this ASAP.

Language 1/5: The "foul mouthed mermaid" I spoke of earlier speaks through a computer translator, and the translator won't transmit profanity, so it sends out strings of "bleepity bleep bleeps". The main character adopts this habit because she thinks it's funny. Lots of "bleeps" appear in the story, with one or two "damn"s thrown in by other characters.

Violence 2/5: The only violence that actually occurs is in the form of a supernatural being. I can't say what this creature does without spoiling most of the story, but suffice it to say: there is death, there is fear, but it is not particularly violent. Several other brief mentions of werewolf, vampire and hag action. Some threats and intimidation. Some talk about killing other creatures.

Sex 1/5: Some teenage kissing. Some lustful thoughts in a teenaged mind, but these are not spelled out for us. Talk about a teen soap opera-type show and its characters making out and cheating on one another. The main character bemoans her flat-chested-ness and talks about her bra more than once.

Substance Abuses 0/5: Nothing

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Melody I love it so far! What do you think?

Gina Denny I'm about ten pages in, and it's adorable. I follow Kiersten on Twitter and it sound just like her! Where are you at in it?

Melody I just finished! I LOVED IT! Enjoy <3

Elaine Oh I have read this one and it was awesome! I have the sequel that I will be reading soon and I have heard it is just as good as the first one :)

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