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Iceberg by Clive Cussler
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May 08, 11

it was amazing
Read on May 08, 2011

The main characters in the story are Dirk Pitt and he’s the hero. Dr Bill Hunwell helps Pitt in he’s mission. Admiral James Sandecker and has the one that assigns Pitt to this mission.Krisiti Fyre sister of the guy they were looking for but in the end she holds a big secret.
The story starts out when a coast guard finds a ship stuck inside an iceberg so they report it back to base and they mark it by red dye. Admiral Sandecker gives Pitt and dr Hunnwell the job to research the ship. On the way they think that it is a Russian ship that disappeared. They think that it had the latest spy technology. On the way to the scene they find the red dye but when they got their they didn’t find a ship. On the other side of the iceberg there was a Russian sub that looked like it was looking also for the ship. Pitt then knew that they were on the wrong iceberg and he remembered a distinct iceberg that was kind of cut 90 miles away.
Pitt and Hunnwell get to the iceberg and they find the ship. It turns out to be the lax a luxury ship that was on its way to Washington for a secret meeting when it disappeared a year ago. Pitt and Hunnwell find an opening in the side of the ship but on their way down Hunnwell slips and almost fell in the water if it wasn’t for Pitt. Hunnwell and Pitt research the ship they find all its crew with the owner of the boat Krista Ryrie made an underwater probe that could look for minerals without mining for them. They find that the ship was burned with all its crew members. Pitt and Hunnwell get to a conclusion that the probe was unstable and it exploded so it ignited the whole ship.
While they were on the way back to Iceland they find a hydroplane trying to hit them and make them crash. Pitt trys to avoid it but in the end he crashes the in the hydroplane and they both crash and fall out of the sky. Pitt and Hunnwell get to safe grounds but Hunnwell dies in Pitts hands with his last words “dos save thee” it was a clue for Pitt about who was attacking them.
When Pitt came back to America Sandecker makes him meet Kristjans sister Kristie. In the end Pitt found out about a secret foundation that is called hermit limited that wanted to control the stock market. They would kidnap 5 of the world’s richest people and kill tem mysteriously in a plane crash.
Pitt find out that they were going to kidnap Pablo Castille of the Dominican Republic and Juan De Croix of French Guiana they were going to kidnap them in Disneyland. Pitt gets there and saves them and they capture the leader of Hermit limited which was Kristjin Fyrie who had a transsexual surgery to turn him into a woman which was Kristi Fyrie.in the end pitt goes on vacation when they finished the mission which they caught Kristi.
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