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Plague by Michael  Grant
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May 08, 2011

really liked it
Read in July, 2011


Why do I do this to myself? Even as I was checking it out from the library, I was berating myself for my lack of common sense. Checking out a book I am fully aware will terrify me...

And it did. Not as much as the others, because I read it quickly and in the daylight, but I have the feeling I'm going to be checking the far corners of my room for glowing green lights and being freaked out by the lightbulb on my smoke detector...

Honestly... were this any other book, it would have dragged on and on and on. As with Lies, there isn't... tons of action. Well, less than in the first two. But somehow, Michael Grant makes it all seem intense and perpetually terrifying.

And the stuff that was actually supposed to be terrifying... Well, yeah, it's... you know, terrifying. Kids coughing up lungs, evil little bugs trying to eat everyone... and Drake. Probably the single scariest character I've ever read about, with the possible exception of Voldemort. Or, maybe not even, because Voldemort... kills a lot of people, but he doesn't delight in it, at least, not the way Drake does. And he's not under the age of sixteen, as Drake must be.


Can't believe we still have two more books to go through. I'm really hoping they get out by the fifth one, and the sixth one can explore the scariest thing of all: how they cope after they get out. It'll be like a post-arena Katniss (the Katniss of Mockingjay); everyone'll be all depressed and/or on drugs to numb everything and all sad and suicidal...

Ick, never mind. Those books are so boring. Perhaps he should keep them in the FAYZ for all six books. Yes, that's probably best...

The review I had when Plague was on my to-read shelf (kept because it amused me):

Me: I will not read this book. I am not emotionally ready to read this book.

Book: But you want to.

Me: No. I don't. Honestly, cross my heart, hope to lose my left pinky. I DO NOT WANT TO READ YOU!!!

Book (smiles): Sure. But if you did, you would know. Know how it all turns out.

Me: That's ridiculous. Everyone knows all this book will do is explain a tiny bit of the situation and continue to drag out the series and give me nightmares. So, no!! I won't read it. You can't make me you can't... (looks at cover) I have to know, I have to know... (OMJ, imagine that with a Russian accent. I vant to know, I vant to know. Just like that lady in the 4th Indianna Jones movie. I am terrified of her)

Book (in creepy Voldemort whisper): Yes, yes... come to me, my prey

Me (with equally creepy hypnotized look in eyes, murmurs): Yes, master (pull up library website, place hold request) I will know.

Book: I have you now.

Me: Nooooo......

Book: (chuckles demonically, fades to black, hear screaming in background)
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Laura Pratz Oh my goodness, this made me crack up :)

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Such a great book!

Sydney I'm totally with you!! haha

Carey OMG!!! That review just hits the mark dead on. The ending frustrated me though. Man I have to know what happens next. I hope book 6 does throw in a bit of the "after". That would be very cool.

message 5: by aya (new) - added it

aya Very funny review !!

Madai HILARIOUS review~

message 7: by Lia (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lia this is very funny and very entertaining to read. sometimes i feel this way so i can relate.

message 8: by Ju (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ju This series is amazing but horrifying (in a good way)

Emma I love it sooo much - I don't think it's scary am 11

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