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The Center of Everything by Laura Moriarty
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Mar 01, 2008

did not like it
Read in February, 2008

Not great at all. I had a hard time with this coming-of-age story mostly because I never really believed the main character (Evelyn) was 12 to start off. She always seems like the 17-year-old she is at the end. Actually, it would be more believable if she were an adult reminiscing, because that is how her voice sounded. Also unfortunate: every character (except Evelyn) is disagreeable. I was glad in the end that Evelyn managed to "get away" from all those other characters, but mostly just so the story would end. Not the worst book I've ever read, but it serves me right for just picking up a 50cent book off the library sale rack.
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Katie If you look at the situation though, Evelyn kind of had to be an adult because her mother acted so much like a kid. I understand your POV, but I personally liked her voice. I felt like she was able to look at the situations realistically.

Kloganpe I agree. Evelyn is exceptional--that's the whole point of the book! Her mother messes up but I thought she was still likeable, human. S*** happens! And in the end she moves ahead with her life and so does Evelyn. I especially enjoyed the 80's references and actually remember most of them. Also, the fundamentalists around Topeka--still at work!

Monique I don't know if it is just my experience, but Evelyn narrates like nearly every 10/11/12-year old I know...they're much more intelligent and observant than you might realize.

message 4: by Stacielynn (new)

Stacielynn I am more than halfway through this book. someone asked me how i like it, and my response was "i don't know." it's not badly written. i just am not attached to any of the characters. no one is at all likeable, even Evelyn. she is a little girl when she starts out, but she is unbelievably naive. i found myself feeling sorry for her, but that was the extent of it.
you are right, i think. this book could have been better if it were written as an adult describing her life.

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