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Freefall by Mindi Scott
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May 08, 11

Read in January, 2010

Seth is struggling to find his place in the world. As a former musician, he continually struggles with the choices he made — choices he feels greatly influenced the loss of his best friend Isaac to alcohol poisoning. Reeling from the loss and unable to deal with the role he feels he played in it all Seth closes himself off from the people closest to him. That is until he meets Rosetta one night at a party. As cliche as it sounds, she makes him want to be a better man. It is in that realization that Seth begins the healing process.

Scott does a fabulous job portraying the male voice through protagonist Seth. His tone and actions are gruff yet tender as he struggles through the grieving process. Shrouded in rage and sarcasm Seth is like an onion being peeled away layer by layer until all that is left is the truly sensitive and caring individual at the heart and soul of it all. Though he tries to play it off, he cares far too much for those around him. Much to his own detriment, in fact. Always putting everyone else first he bottles up his feelings and puts his own desires on hold in order to give everyone else what they want.

This fact facilitates the most interesting aspect of the plot. The element of the Interpersonal Communications class. This is a class specifically designed to teach Seth to come out of his shell. Not only that but to do so in a way that allows him to be a valuable contributor to a relationship Through this class he learns how to be honest with himself more than anyone else and as such gives him the ability to make much needed changes in his life. It is in watching that evolution that Scott works her magic best. She shows Seth at the lowest of lows and then challenges him to become a better person. To become a more stable person. To become the person he wants to be. This doesn’t come without cost — loss of friends and family — but in the end he is far richer for it.

Oh and there is a romance to this story too. While it was an enjoyable part of the book I have to say it wasn’t much needed. I know Rosetta was the catalyst for all of the major changes but really this was Seth’s story and Seth’s alone. Though the subject matter is intense and the path Seth travels isn’t easy Scott tells the story with great depth of emotion.

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