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Visions of Magic by Regan Hastings
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May 24, 2011

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Shea Jameson is a woman on the run. Her aunt was accused of being a witch and burned at the stake. Just being related has meant that Shea has to live her life on the run because the MP or magic police have been keeping a close eye on her waiting for magic to appear. Then one day a man attempts to mug her and while trying to escape she shoots flames out of her fingers and burns the mugger. Of course a crowd has gathered around panics and accuses of her of being a witch. (I know I know on the edge of your seat right) Then right before she is arrested a man swoops in and saves her (YES!!). That man happens to be Torin, an eternal. This man just happens to eternally be in love with Shea. You see they have had relationships over the years err centuries and each time Shea juts wants him for sex not as a mate. This time things will be different and they will complete the mating ritual.

So when I brought this book I thought of this will be awesome a modern day book with Salem witch trials, this is going to be great. Well turns out not so much. I think a lot of it rests with Shea, at many many points in the book she is just too stupid to live. For example a man swoops you out of danger and takes you to a safe place and the first thing you think is “ohh my life is better on the street, I am out of here” really why would you do that? You have no idea what is going on but you choose to leave uninformed. Then there was another instance where she is being hunted daily and Torin says stay inside, I will return soon and Shea thinks oh I cannot stay the moon calls to me”. As if the moon may not be up when Torin gets back in 30 minutes or less. Then she goes on to think I could been seen or murdered but that is ok. Really?? The next think that irked me was the sex. There is sex to bond, to restore powers, to energize; sex is like the miracle cure in this book. Then at times the sex is over the top, never I just want to shag but “allow me to enter you and make us one”. Personally it was a bit over the top. Final complaint was the over abundance of side plots that even at the end of the book I am thinking why bother?

Having said all of that I think the world was really interesting. I liked the idea that people have mass panic with the idea of witches. Including those who are innocent of magic are still hunted because of the suspicion. I also liked the premise into reincarnated love, how the eternals are forced to live and watch their witches die after rejecting them only hoping the next time will be different. You know real tragic love stuff he finds to love her yet each time he has lost her due to rejection. The issue for me is the execution did not go off so well. I think flash backs of happier times or times between the witches would have made me see Torin as a possessive horn dog.

I will read the next one because despite my grips Regan Hastings is a good writer. She does the whole switching POV really well and it did keep the storyline moving. I hope my issues with this book are just from being the first in a series.
2.5 Stars

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