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For Her Pleasure by Maya Banks
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May 07, 11

bookshelves: 2011, erotica
Read on May 07, 2011

This book has 3 stories, the first 2 are basically one, where the last one is a slight spin off. I really enjoyed the first 2 more than the first.

The first 2 deal with life long friends, Kit, Mac, and Ryder, all who live in a small town. The guys left for a while then came back. They have been flirting around with a threesome but it didn't happen, then in the mean time Kit was raped. The guys didn't deal well with it, both feeling guilty they weren't there to protect her. When the story starts we are 6 months after the event and the 3 of them are still dancing around things.

Finally Mac can't stand it any longer and declares to Ryder that he isn't going to let this go on and that he wants forever with Kit. Ryder is more than shocked at this, but still up for the fun between the 3 of them.

The first story deals with how they set up this new aspect to their relationship, all the while the rapist is still stalking Kit. The 3 of them are dealing with just what their feelings are, with it seeming like Ryder is the one that is eventually going to be left behind.

It seems like only when the bad guy makes his moves does everyone realize just what their feelings are.

The second story is Ryder pulling back even though he realizes just how much he loves Kit, but he doesn't want to hurt his friends. Events happen that allow Ryder to be pulled back in, but when his friends need him the most he walks away again. This forces Mac and Kit to come to some hard truths.

And this is where the story gets really good. All three of them have to be brutally honest with themselves and each other in what they want. They all want to do the right thing and not hurt anyone, but it is hard when you have 3 people, unless there is a lot of give someone is bound to get hurt.

I loved the conclusion to these 2 stories, it was just what needed to happen.

The third story centers around a friend of Ryder's, Mia. She is a stripper in a near by town. When Ryder was hurting him and Mia forged a solid friendship, both of them hurt by people they loved. We learn just who (Jack) and how he hurt Mia right away. I hated Jack at this point and really didn't see any way for him to be redeemed. By the time I got to the end of the story I didn't hate him any more, but I still thought that Mia could have done much better than him.

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