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Abandon by Meg Cabot
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I was very surprised by the fact I didn't enjoy this more, but then I didn't grow up in love with Cabot's Princess Diaries or her Mediator series. To be truthful I haven't read any of Cabot's books aside from the two books she did as part of Avon's "True Romance" historical young adult romance series. So I wasn't pre-disposed to be like 'omg Cabot!'. I am a fan of the Persephone myth and love reading different variations on that myth, so that excited me.

Except this isn't really about Persephone and Hades and the Underworld so much as the characters/events bare a resemblance to the bare bones of that tale. Pierce (Persephone) is the daughter of a hot-tempered CEO (Zeus) and obsessive...not even an environmentalist, but someone who's obsessed with a certain kind of bird's habitat (Demeter?). Pierce died, sort of, a couple years back and now there's John (Hades) who is trying to bring her back.

I think?

Here's the main problem I had with Abandon. Pierce spends so much of the book not truly telling us anything that its hard to really grasp what she means to say. She doesn't even confirm her death until a good ways into the book so I felt really confused since the blurb makes it sound as if its the first thing we should know about her.

At times the knowledge that this was linked with the Persephone myth hampered my enjoyment value as well. On its own, if you don't try to tie the characters and motivations to that of the mythological counterparts its not so bad. Unfortunately Cabot throws little things at you that remind you of her inspiration. Which its only fair to point out, for a book based on a greek myth the main having the character hate mythology because she feels its 'pointless' is ridiculous.

Its with a sad heart I ended up not enjoying this. I wish I could have. I wish the book could have either divorced itself from the myth entirely or concentrated itself on being a reflection of that myth more securely.

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