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My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares
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May 06, 11

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Read in May, 2010

Daniel is not your typical boy and from the moment Lucy lays eyes one him she can tell there’s something different about him. He looks at her differently, carries himself differently, and holds a secret very few have the ability to understand. He is not his body, but he is his memory. This is the story of a love that is reincarnated throughout the ages of time until our present day. One that will leave you wondering just what will happen next.

Going into my reading of My Name is Memory I had no idea what to expect. I purposefully didn’t read the back cover, any synopses, and definitely no reviews; although I did hear through discussions with friends that it was not to be missed. A love story that will leave you hoping was all I had collected from these conversations and they weren’t wrong. It’s a love story told from two points of view, Daniel and Lucy. Although, Daniel has the advantage because he can remember back to around 520 A.D. and Lucy cannot.

As I began to read the first few pages I immediately enjoyed connecting with Lucy who had a modern story, an average girl close to graduating high school. She was easy to relate to and an excellent character with qualities you would notice in the details on the page. She was plagued with thoughts of a boy she knew only briefly and only once had a very unusual encounter with. Quickly though, you are transported to a completely different time and place where you learn about Daniel.

As I mentioned Daniel’s story starts around 520 A.D. As a character Daniel is just as dynamic as Lucy and extremely likable. Learning his history was fascinating, when each of his stories came to a close at the end of a chapter I found myself wishing that it wasn’t so, I wanted more. Not because it wasn’t descriptive enough, but because I was enjoying so much of his story that I could have read an entire book entirely from his point of view. This was unusual for me because I’m not generally a historical fiction kind of girl and most of it bores me to death, but I connected so well to him that I couldn’t put his story down.

Where the book fell flat for me unfortunately was in this mish-mashing of stories. I found that as the book went on and the two characters’ time lines became closer to one another it was a much more enjoyable read. The beginning wasn’t exactly disjointed, but not exactly cohesive for me either. It took some work to jump back and forth between time frames. I often found myself putting the book down between chapters just to give myself the opportunity to get back into the new timeframe.

Also, I wasn’t very happy about the ending. Until I recently found out, after doing some digging, that this is actually the first of three books in a series I was pretty upset with how the book ended. I was so glad to have found that small bit of information, because I felt the ending left you with so many questions. It was hard for me to believe that after so much great story telling that the end would have so little closure. Gladly though, I am looking forward to finding out what exactly will happen to Lucy and Daniel’s love story.

Though, My Name is Memory didn’t hit a high note with me I’m still looking forward to the next book in the series. Now that so much of the time difference between the two main character’s stories has been told, I’m hopefully that we will be able to take a journey with Lucy and Daniel in the here and now. This is definitely a great book for fans of romantic love stories with just enough historical fiction thrown in to make it that much more interesting. A magical tale with future installments I’m definitely looking forward to.

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