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Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead
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May 06, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in March, 2014

Succubus Shadows:
Wow, this was my favorite book of the series. Of course, I saw the same thing after I finish books 4, 5 and 6. But I think I might like this one a tiny bit more. It wasn’t my favorite the first time I read it years ago, but after I finished the series the first time and all the revelations were revealed, this book became even more special to me the next few times I re-read it.
After the brief succubus break in book 4, and Seth and Georgie gave into temptation, Seth was obviously left with some feelings of guilt since he cheated on Maddie. As an attempt to make up for it, Seth ends up proposing to Maddie. But the damage is done and the cheating and the guilt has left a taint on Seth’s soul, enough to make him hell-bound. As if having to have witness the love of your life dating your best friend, now Georgie has to suffer through wedding talk and even gets wrangled into helping out and becoming a bridesmaid. Poor Georgie.

Her new roomate isn’t making things easier on her. Considering Roman once tried to kill her and is still most likely pissed that Georgina helped with his sister’s death, Georgie doesn’t know what to make of her new relationship with Roman. Like the first book, where he was supposed to kill her before those pesky feelings he started developing for her got in the way, their growing friendship confuses Georgie. Combine this with all the angst from her non-relationship with Seth and Georgie becomes the perfect victim for the Oneroi to take her into the dream world.

While it could have been tricky for the story to stay interesting with Georgie basically out of the picture, Richelle Mead did an amazing job at keeping me hooked. Not only were the fake and real dreams Georgie was forced to go through tough and heartbreaking but I loved the way she was able to know what her friends were up to at the same time. That dream she had about Seth and Maddie was cruel Richelle! You are an evil evil woman! I felt a tiny bit better knowing it was all fake though but it still hurt. Back to Georgie’s friends, have I mentioned how much I love them? I love how Carter, Roman, Hugh, Peter and Cody all came together to find a way to get Georgie out of the dream world. Even when they knew it was pretty much hopeless. I love that ultimately, it was Seth that was the only one who was able to rescue her. That scene was all kinds of emotional!

With how the previous books had ended, *clutches heart* I was fully expecting to have another heart-wrenching and heartbreaking ending to this book so I was ecstatic that what I’ve been looking forward since book one FINALLY happened! Even though that ending with Georgie and Maddie sucked, not to mention the scene with Georgie and Roman, and don’t even get me started on Erik, I had a huge silly grin on my face when I finished this. Oh yeah, this is definitely one of my favorites! And book 4 and 6…

Some of my favorite quotes from Succubus Shadows:
- God might work on mysterious ways, but hell worked on efficient ones.

- Love in the real world doesn’t usually work out the way stories make us think it should. We don’t always get fairy-tale endings. People split up and move on. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you can’t love someone else.

- Seth and I had broken up twice and while I usually accepted that he had moved on, I knew that I would love him forever. For me, forever was a serious matter.

- “You and I…I don’t understand what’s between us, but I’d rather spend my life alone than with someone who isn’t you.”

- I no longer wanted to die. There was no point because I was certain just then that I had died – because surely, surely, Hell couldn’t be worse than this.

- “So that’s the full succubus effect, huh?”
“Worth it.”

5 out of 5 stars! AMAZING NARRATOR!

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Richelle Mead
“God might work on mysterious ways, but hell worked on efficient ones.”
Richelle Mead, Succubus Shadows

Richelle Mead
“Good can still exist when bad things happen, just as evil persists when good things happen.” - Carter to Georgina”
Richelle Mead, Succubus Shadows

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