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Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught
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Whitney my love is a poignant, passionate story about the invincible power of love.

Clayton westmoreland is the duke of claymore,he is a kind of man who would never commit the folly of falling in love,he is the most arrogant and intense character i have ever read. He is passionate,smart,intelligent and humorous.
At the beginnning of the story i must say that I was'nt very fond of clayton and sincerely wished that whitney might get her childhood love Paul but the way clayton wins whitney's heart was simply awesome,he tries evrything in his power to win her,the way he make her his is just so damn romantic (despite of being arrogant or whatsoever i found it cute). I did'nt even realise when i started liking clayton. Such is the effect of this novel on me that at one point i was smiling and at other i was angry or sobbing.The hiccup in this book or should I say the part when you would start hating Clayton and Judith will be the point where Clayton rapes Whitney out of passion and jealousy. I know that whitney was blind that she could'nt see clayton's love and she was dumb enough not to reciprocate her feelings for him which drived clayton crazy and he did that aweful thing to her.But stil I don't think anyone gave Clayton the right of doing what he did to Whitney. That rape scene was awful which made me hate Clayton and it was so damm unnecessary because the story was going on good untill Judith conceived this diabolic idea inorder to add spice and to increase the lenght of the book.But let me tell you this that it did'nt increase my interest rather my distaste and loathing towards Clayton.
This book has many emotional scenes too which might make u cry but there are many other scenes which would make you scream. There's one thing which was completely unacceptable for me and that was when after getting married when Whitney gets pregnant and Clayton after swearing to love her more than his life and blah blah blah suspects her of infidelity based on a letter and it infuriated me like hell. Clayton loved her with every fabric of his being(which i don't believe but it's shown in the book that way) then assuming and convicting her of a crime in his mind was inconceivable i truley wish Judith would'nt have written that part in the book as I hated reading it.All his love for Whitney evaporated as soon as he reads that letter and treats her with such cruelty calling her foul names and treating her like a whore that I hated him for it.Whitney's character was the most stupidest and weakest than other characters of Judith. Usually Judith likes to show her heroines as smart,intelligent,principled and strong unlike whitney who is a tantrum queen and extremely childish and immature. I felt like strangling her in the end when she so easily forgives Clayton for treating her the way he did thus not retaining an ounce of pride.Clayton's character when first introduced seemed promising to me but noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!, in the end Clayton turned out to be a sadistic and pathetic human who commits the same mistake again and again and realises it later that he was wrong and tries to redeem himself and then commits the same mistake which was sick. The book could have been one of my favourites if Clayton would have been a tolerable hero.Other heros of Judith like Jason from Once and Always and Jordan from Something Wonderful were so damm good despite of being aristrocatic they never abused the heroines. But Clayton is the most arrogant hero of Judith's novel.

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Quotes Nazia Liked

Judith McNaught
“You will soon discover that in matters of the heart, memories are much kinder than reality”
Judith McNaught, Whitney, My Love

Judith McNaught
“Childhood romances always seem so real, so enduring, when we are separated from the object of our affection. But usually, when we return, we find that our dreams and memories quiet surpassed reality.

-Lady Anne, Whitney's aunt”
Judith McNaught, Whitney, My Love
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Judith McNaught
“Love" and all the obsessive behaviors associated with it, was an absurd emotion.”
Judith McNaught, Whitney, My Love

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