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Eon by Alison Goodman
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May 16, 2011

really liked it
Read on May 06, 2011

This book deserves a better review, and not just a “Yeah, the first half sucked but second half compensated,” which was how my initial review went. Reading the second book, has convinced me that I AM A FAN of Eon/Eona and Goodman. She/the books give me more reasons to move to Australia. So darned good, that’s what I felt after Eona. But before Eona there was Eon:

On GR, three stars means “I liked it,” so a three-star rating does not normally get readers to read books, but here's my two cents and a rating clarification: 3.5. Why not a 4.5 or at least a 4 if I’m the fan I profess myself to be? Well, shifting gears from YA contemps to YA epic fantasy might have had something to do with my reception of Eon, and the're the info dump that was the first half of Eon to take into account as well.

Reasons to read EON with words of caution thrown in: The second book makes me really happy to have read book 1 (that's for sure.) Reading the first half of Eon was a chore. It had me piecing and bridging concepts, characters and histories together. I had to go back every so often just to make sure I got it right the first time. So, info-dump on account of heavy world building was the biggest drawback in this one.

Not to say it was bad, I mean a three point five, right? Why?

It brought me back to why I love(d) Edding’s Belgariad series: epic fantasy steeped in adventure rooted on friendship and the necessity of survival. What’s more, or what makes Eon better, is it’s written around a strong female character, granted she disguises herself as a boy, but she still is strong. So strong female lead, check.

And once all the who’s and what’s had settled, the story simply flowed: A girl hiding as a boy attempting to become the Dragon eye- a position of power, a position much sought after. On her quest, and her story is a quest in the epic sense, she meets and befriends a number of people whom I found unique. Foremost among them, Lady Dela- the Contraire. Then, Ryko, Dela’s eunuch bodyguard. And later Prince Kygo: loyal, powerful and attractive.

Then there’s the world in which we find Eon. Different, certainly. Complicated, most definitely. I’ve never read an epic fantasy set similarly. I suppose another thing that sets this book apart is the mythology upon which it is based; consequently, the world building that followed while necessary was but a bit long. Eon’s world is one with twelve powerful lords linked to Dragons are tasked to protect the land. Lords who are almost as important as the royal family, and treated as such. No wonder Eon wanted to be one! I found myself confused at first, but later drawn in. I simply had know more. I kid not when I say things get complicated. By the book’s end, however, I was looking forward to what the author had planned, how would she put everything together?

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