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Stone Kissed by Keri Stevens
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May 06, 11

This was a weird one for me to rate. I absolutely loved the main character's totally random ability to communicate with statues, but there were many, less wow-y aspects of the book to consider. I'll get what I didn't love over with in the beginning, then we'll end on a positive note:) The antagonist of the book wasn't all that great. I mean, she was some weirdo succubus chick who totally creeped me out, but she wasn't really all that much of a threat to the main character, and after all, isn't that the point of an antagonist? It almost felt like she belonged in a different book altogether. Now, the other thing I didn't love: Grant, the love interest. The reason I don't care for him isn't so much the fact that he's a bit of a d-bag, because let's face it, romance novel love interests are full of 'em, but more the fact that he was dumb enough to agree to marry a girl he thought to be a full on lunatic/liar...Didn't make sense to me, but whatever, I was still glad they got together in the end. Now to the good stuff. I absolutely loved Delia's interaction with the statues all around her. They all had fun and interesting personalities and I felt that Delia was a great character...If you like either paranormal or romance, check this one out. It is just one of those fun dinky romances I love so much, but it isn't the sort of thing that you will want to read over and over...

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-Kate the Book Buff

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