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M or F? by Lisa Papademetriou
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May 18, 2011

it was ok
Read from May 05 to 15, 2011

A not so angsty tale of teenage woe. The story switches off between the two authors and their narrators, Frannie and Marcus. This is like a extremely watered down version of Much Ado About Nothing. Only not really that funny. Or romantic. Or anything.

So the plot is: Frannie has a 'serious' crush on Jeff. Jeff doesn't know she exists. Frannie is unsure of herself, so that when she sees Jeff online she asks the more confident (and gay) Marcus to talk to him in her place. Marcus does so, but soon finds himself chatting with Jeff as Frannie more and more without her actually being present. Marcus realizes that he too is 'in like' with Jeff. But not all is as it seems. Frannie discovers the betrayal and after meeting a cowboy does some self-searching and realizes that maybe Jeff is also gay. After she does a gay test on Jeff she encourages Marcus to go for it. Marcus too has done some thinking and realized that Jeff's best bud Glenn might be perfect for Frannie and sets them up on a date unknown to them. Once the two are on said date, Fran let's slip how funny it is that Marcus set them up. Glenn also finds this amusing, "Doesn't Marcus know I'm gay?" he asks. But, isn't Jeff gay? No. Not at all. They rush to save Marcus. Everything is revealed. The "Jeff" that "Frannie" was talking to online was not Jeff at all, but Glenn. Apparently Jeff too suffered from the inability to type to his crush. Marcus and Glenn then become a couple. But Fran dates the cowboy. And Jeff is alone with the German exchange student Astrid.

This wasn't a great book. Wouldn't recommend. Also, I don't know if this is common among teenagers, but Frannie and Marcus had private nicknames for everyone and everything around them. I found that somewhat annoying, can't a rose just be a rose?

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