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The Highwayman's Footsteps by Nicola Morgan
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Feb 28, 2008

it was amazing
Recommended for: If you like Adventure and History this is your book.
Read in February, 2007

This book is called The Highwayman’s Footsteps. Author of this book is Nicola Morgan. She wrote other books like Chicken Friend, Flesh Market, and The Passion Flower Massacre.
The story starts in the old days when the Revolution war was starting. A young boy that has every thing he could ever dream of runs away from home. He leaves because his dad was a very mean man. Who leads the war for the British.
When he runs away he goes into an ally and a young girl points a gun at him. She is really sick and collapses. He takes care of her until she is better. She has a horse named Martin that knows her every move. It is as if they are one.
They have to run away from the British Calvary every time they step foot out of her house. While in hiding a little boy from the Calvary tries to steal Martin and ride away, because he is trying to run and get out of the army. So Bess, the girl, hides the little boy in the creaky, top part of the house.
When the Calvary comes Bess signals for the little boy to run. The Calvary catches up to him, and he is no more. Bess and the rich boy go to her friend’s house because the rich boy needs a horse. He gets a chestnut mare named Sapphire and to pay for her they have to complete a secret mission that includes the rich boy stealing from his father.
When Bess and the rich boy are hijacking the carriage the boy’s father realizes one of the hijackers is his own son. When they start to make there get away the boy’s brother comes chasing after them on his horse, which is bloody and extremely tired.
To Find out the end you will have to read the book!?!??!?

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