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As You Wish by Jackson Pearce
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May 04, 2011

it was amazing
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Such a cute book :)
All Viola wants is to belong. Ever since her best friend/ex-boyfriend Lawrence came out to her, she's felt as though she's living on the outside of everyone else. Co-existing, but never truly belonging anywhere or with anyone.
One strong wish later, the mysterious - and invisible - Jinn is following her around school and appearing in her bedroom; ready to grant her 3 wishes.
All Jinn wants is to grant the wishes and get back home to his land of Caliban. He can feel himself aging on Earth, something they don't have to deal with in his homeland, and he is not liking it.
But, Viola has other plans, she doesn't want to simply wish to belong, because it won't be real. So, she stalls.
The more time Jinn spends on Earth, however, the more human he becomes. And, Jinn, Viola and Lawrence form a friendship Jinn had never known back in Caliban. The only problem, once Viola wishes three times she will forget everything about Jinn and the friendship they've formed.
Ms. Pearce does a good job in creating the relationship between the characters. And, a good job explaining what it feels like to feel on the outside of everything going on around you.
I enjoyed the banter between Jinn, Viola and Lawrence throughout the book. And, the fact that it's written in alternating POVs is very nice :) I always like knowing what's going on in the guy's head too, haha.
All in all, good book. Worth the read! A good summer novel :)
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Quotes Katelyn Liked

Jackson Pearce
“Keanu Reeves?" she asks in amazement. I nod. "What did he wish for?" "Isn't it obvious?" I say, waving a hand at the screen. "Fame." "That's why he's famous? Because of a wish?" "Have you seen his movies? Surely you didn't think he made it on his acting skills?" I grant wishes; I don't work miracles. Viola looks back at the screen, eyes screwed up in awe. "I guess that makes sense," she says faintly as my former master delivers a line poorly. "Wow.”
Jackson Pearce, As You Wish

Jackson Pearce
“I think we’re always looking for new pieces,” Viola says quietly.


She continues, “I was looking for Lawrence, then for something to replace Lawrence, then for Aaron… maybe that’s the real truth about being broken. We’re always whole, we’re just looking to add on to ourselves, to be more whole. And then when a piece leaves, it’s broken away. But we aren’t left any less whole than we were to begin with…”

“But feeling broken—” I begin, the words tight in my throat. I’m grateful that Viola cuts me off.

“Is horrible. Painful,” she finishes. “But then, when you aren’t expecting it, new pieces appear and suddenly…they’re attached.” Her eyes rise to meet mine. “And you end up more whole than you were before.”
Jackson Pearce, As You Wish

Jackson Pearce
“She’s forgotten me. It’s over. I don’t want to see her again, and now I’ll have to. I won’t be able to help it. I’ll have to sit back and just watch her…live. Without me.”

The ifrit shrugs. “Then I overestimated your feelings for her.”

My jaw drops. “How dare you? Because I don’t want to see that she’s forgotten me?”

"No. Because nothing is really ever gone or forgotten. If she’s a piece of you, and you of her, then memory is merely an obstacle—our power covers the memory, it doesn’t erase it. And I should think, at least based on what I saw in your eyes last night, that it’s an obstacle worth going up against.”
Jackson Pearce, As You Wish

Jackson Pearce
“I became an ifrit to save the lives of my fellow jinn. What kind of life saver would I be if I let you sit here and wither away in paradise?”

Just an obstacle. Just an obstacle.

I meet the ifrit’s eyes. “What happened to all your talk about birds and fish having nowhere to live?”

The ifrit shrugs. “I suggest you start holding your breath, my friend,” he says, then pushes through the hearing room doors.”
Jackson Pearce, As You Wish

Jackson Pearce
“All I've learned in today's Shakespeare class is: Sometimes you have to fall in love with the wrong person just so you can find the right person. A more useful lesson would've been: Sometimes the right person doesn't love you back. Or sometimes the right person is gay. Or sometimes you just aren't the right person.
Thanks for nothing, Shakespeare.”
Jackson Pearce, As You Wish
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