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Hidden Embers by Tessa Adams
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May 20, 2011

it was ok
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Hidden Embers by Tessa Adams is the second book in her Dragon’s Heat series, stories about a clan of dragon shifters. I did not read the first book and can’t say that I felt lost or confused at all. But I did feel as though I may have felt more for the clan and their current situation if I had witnessed it from its beginning. All this to say if you are planning on giving this series a try, I would start at book one.

Quinn is the clan’s main healer and is feeling responsible for the hundreds of Dragonstars who have died from a mysterious disease that is sweeping through is clan. He can’t seem to get ahead of it and it’s driving him to thoughts of suicide. I can appreciate why Quinn would feel blue. I can understand why he is terribly sad and dejected, especially when he loses his brother to this illness that Quinn just can’t seem to find a cure for. But he really takes his sadness to the extreme. He brings it to the point of moping. Yes, we get it. You blame yourself. But it’s not your fault, so stop saying it is. Because unfortunately his constant “I suck and everyone is dying horrible disgusting deaths because of me” really rubbed me the wrong way. In fact, the prologue is all about how Quinn is thinking about ending it all but decides against it. Okay, that part was not overly fun to read, but I read though it thinking that that would be the end of that. But it wasn’t. Boy wasn’t it. Through the whole book this comes back, which is too bad because it really caused me to feel annoyed with what could have been a great main lead. I mean, Quinn is a dragon shifter with vibrant green eyes, a perfect body, slightly too long black hair and a doctor with spiffy super healing powers. And he’s brilliant. Yum! But he whines like a seven year old girl. *sigh*

Jasmine was a fine character. I didn’t love her but I didn’t dislike her. She’s a very smart woman who likes to take charge and who happens to be falling for a very alpha man. I did like the little spin of how Jasmine and Quinn first meet not knowing who the other was. That was fun. There was definite chemistry between these two, and the love scenes were smokin’ and very well written. I actually quite liked them, especially the part in front of the mirror…*fans herself* They were hot without being crude. I always appreciate that in an erotic title.

Just as Jasmine was a fine character, so were the others in this book. I wasn’t overly wooed by any of them, but they didn’t rub me the wrong way either. They each had their place in the story and that was that.

One aspect of the story that I really did find well done was the mystery sub-plot. Every once in a while a chapter would be told from the perspective of…we didn’t know who. But this person was on the bad guys’ team. She was responsible for all the evil that was going on with the Dragonstars. She was not the mastermind behind it (which I found to be a nice touch), she was the minion who was promised wonderful things should her missions succeed. And once you find out who this person is…wow. I didn’t see that coming at all. Tessa wrote that part of the book wonderfully!

This book held tons of potential, and did deliver on some of it. Unfortunately, I need to feel connected to the characters in a book in order to connect with the story. And for me, that didn’t happen. I really did appreciate the mystery in this book though. I said it before and I’ll say it again: I did not see that coming at all. It was my favorite part of this book.

The next chapter in the Dragon’s Heat series, Forbidden Embers, is coming out October 4th 2011. This is Logan’s book. I did enjoy Logan in this book. He kept things light even when situations were dire. So his should be a good addition to the series.

2.5 stars
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