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Just One of the Guys by Kristan Higgins
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Aug 09, 2011

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bookshelves: chick-lit, adult-fiction
Read from May 04 to 05, 2011 — I own a copy

Chastity is a tall, big, healthy girl - a journalist, who comes back to her native town of Eaton Falls after a decade of studying and working in New York. She is also part of a big family of firefighters, the youngest sisters of four equally tall, big and healthy brothers. Chastity is ready to settle down, find a husband and start popping out some kids, but her rather domineering looks do not help in her quest. When she starts dating Ryan - a doctor, perfect husband material - she thinks she's found her perfect candidate, if not for the constant nagging thought in her mind of Trevor Meade, her childood friend and sweetheart, whom she's loved forever but doesn't seem to be interested in her romantically.

FOREWARNING: Unfortunately I am not going to do this book any justice. Fate has wanted me to pick this up mere days after having finished Bachelor Boys and they're too bloody similar in so many ways to be objective about it. I'll be honest and say I preferred Bachelor Boys because, aside from being simply chick lit, goes also a bit deeper into the dynamics of family, love and friendship.

Don't get me wrong, this is great chick lit. Of the laugh out loud kind. I really had a good time reading this book and never once I put it down groaning because of some dumb scene - well, except at the very end for the sappiness, but I do that with all books that feature said scenes. It was completely hilarious at times, I even kind of started picturing Katherine Heigl as Chastity, in one of those exhilarating chick flicks she does, like 27 dresses. The characters are really well developed and the dialogues are witty and fun.
The only thing that bothered me - as in Bachelor Boys, by the way - were the premises. The whole plot rotates around the fact that Chastity is desperately looking for a husband in order to reproduce because she is 31 and she feels it's about time.
This is a load of old, backward bullshit, sorry to say. I can't believe an emancipated woman with a master's degree in Journalism who's lived in the big city would actually think like that. And this coming from a stay at home mom with a degree in translation English/Russian. That would be me.
For this reason I had a few issues empathizing with Chastity at the beginning but, eventually, she came through, because she is extremely funny.

If you need to relax and have a good laugh, this is the book for you. I'll be certainly reading more of Kristan Higgins's books for therapeutic purposes.

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Vinaya Actually, I know plenty of women who're nearing thirty and looking desperately for marriage and family. I liked the fact that Chastity wasn't looking for a husband to solve all her problems or whatever; she's had a happy family life and a career that satisfies her. So, to me, her search was in order to fulfill a basic need for love and the demands of her maternal instinct.

Sometimes I get scared that in my own personal quest for empowerment, I'll forget that non-aggressive feminists, such as those who choose domesticity, have a right to their lives of choice, too. I'm always happy when a Kristan Higgins books reminds me that it's okay to find your fulfillment in marriage and family! Also, what can I say- I'm a fangirl! :)

Spider the Doof Warrior I don't think 'd mind having a husband and stuff as I'm 32... Well, maybe not a husband. Maybe we could live in SIN.
But I'm not really DESPERATE for it. At least not desperate to continue to read that frustrating Marry Him book.
I think when it happens it does, and I won't stress out about it but just do my thing and try when it does happen.

Limonessa Vinaya I totally agree with you, and I did choose domesticity over work, at least until the kids are a bit older and they're off to school and even then I won't go back to work as I did before when I was forced to travel quite a bit. I'm not even starting my ramblings on the total inequality that working women with kids have to face.
Still I felt, at the beginning especially, that the whole "I want a a husband and three kids NOW" thing was a bit too pushed, as if she could find happiness only by finding a husband - any husband. But as I said, she comes through.
AND I totally agree with the empowerment thing. My kids and my partner kind of happened to me and I live in SIN - as Synesthesia suggests - but I have plenty of friends from school that, in the name of professional success, had to sacrifice their personal lives. Now they're 35, emancipated, no family and... yeah, single. This might sound as a bit of generalization to you but, at a certain age, the good guys have actually been already taken. You meet someone and first question you ask yourself is: "mh, so what's wrong with him? Why is he still around?" You get more selective, more difficult and certainly more exigent. So I'm glad I didn't choose career over family, even though it's kind of hard because I had to give up some of my dreams.
To me, family is important but it's not like you can plan it too much. You should work on it, but up to a certain extent.

Laura Whoa! English to Russian translation! That is a superpower, my friend! You are a super hero! :) The Russian language has always amazed me—how it looks and sounds. Truly dazzling! :)
Oh—and the book sounds cute too. Hahaha… :D

Limonessa Laura wrote: "Whoa! English to Russian translation! That is a superpower, my friend! You are a super hero! :) The Russian language has always amazed me—how it looks and sounds. Truly dazzling! :)
Oh—and t..."

You haven't seen my cape yet Laura :D
But wait a sec there... English/Russian does not mean English to Russian. It means I translate from English and from Russian. As a rule, I should translate only toward my native language.

Laura Whoops! I should never post before coffee! :)
But…to be honest that could make you even more of a super hero! :D
Kickass boots come with that cape, right?!

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