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The Gnostic Mystery by Randy Davila
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May 04, 11

it was ok
bookshelves: spiritual, gnostic, religious, mystery

I got this in the mail two days ago and even though I was engrossed in another book, I started reading it out of idle curiosity. I knew about the Gnostic sect through my studies about religion and mythology in college. I'd also done some research on my own because religions and their origins are my chief interest besides philosophy, literature, and women's studies. To be honest, I was not prepared to like this book. I was slightly put off by its didactic tone as if the author was speaking to the slightly obtuse, but then I realized that to reach as wide an audience as possible with new and potentially difficult information, the tone was just about right. What wasn't right to me was the gratuitous stereotyping of women and size and conservative believers as devious and arrogant. However, these are minor points and more about writing style rather than content. I was not prepared to learn anything new, but I did learn a thing or two even after I thought I'd exhausted the topic to my own satisfaction. Still, I finished it in three days when I hadn't been able to finish a book for quite some time. There was enough there to keep me interested and the book flowed to the end in a satisfactory manner. Only minor modern political points between religious groups were touched on, but the focus was on church history and keeping that in mind, this book is not a bad first effort at all. In fact, it's a good way to introduce thoughtful alternatives to the open minded believer who has never really questioned her faith and what it's supposedly based on.

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