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The Liars' Club by Mary Karr
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May 23, 2011

it was ok
Read from May 03 to 22, 2011

This book reaffirmed what I was already pretty sure of - I do not enjoy memoirs. They feel dishonest to me in a way that fiction is incapable of. For instance, I often can't help but suspect the author of exaggerating in order to make the story more interesting, or representing as fact memories from very early childhood. For instance, in this book, the author retells a memory to drive home just how checked out her mom was at a certain point in her childhood - the story goes that her sister fell off a horse and supposedly broke her collarbone so bad the bone was sticking up against the skin; her mom just offered her a baby aspirin and the bone had to heal on its own. This is just one example, but I seriously doubt that the story happened the way it is retold here, and suspicions like this make me distrustful of memoir authors.

I'd rather read a story based on made up characters in which the writing is bound only by the author's imagination, not by how much the author is willing to exaggerate or exactly what they can remember. That said, the writing was fine and the story was fine. Though it was a relatively short book, it took me nearly a month to get through. I just never felt like picking it up. Very "meh."

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message 1: by Stevie (new)

Stevie I'm reading Mary Karr's memoir Lit right now and feeling much of the same- its better than other memoirs I read but so ego-centric it's hard to enjoy. You just kind of hate her. Same way I felt about Eat Pray Love.

Danielle Franco-Malone Totally. Even when I would otherwise find the characters likable, there is something about the perspective of a memoir that makes me really resent them.

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